Trials and tribulations, spinal cord stimulator

But a downside of this particular scs (Medtronic) is that in order to continue the pain relief, it must not be left switched on all the time. St Thomas’ recommend several hours on, several off – but I am finding the periods of time when switched off very difficult to cope with, particularly at night. I understand the rationale for turning the device off: if the tingling sensation becomes the body’s new baseline, then there is little room for manoeuvre with further pain relief. But this doesn’t help me when I’m climbing the walls!! Any advice from out there would be gratefully received…

3 thoughts on “Trials and tribulations, spinal cord stimulator

      • Success for the device is defined as making pain 50% better. Prior to device, I had pain levels that were so high, I would
        Lose all stomach contents north and south. Vomiting would only worsen pain and cause awful spasms in my back. I was losing 2-3 days per week, often times ending up in the hospital dehydrated and a wreck. With device, I get 1-2 episodes like I just described per month. That’s a life changer. The addition of Botox for pain with device has helped even more. Still, no days without pain, but seeing pars lower on the scale rather than higher. Happy to chat more.

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