Does Narcan kill more people than it saves?

Prince was unconscious when his bodyguard carried him down the steps of his private jet after it made an emergency landing in Moline, Ill., just days before the superstar collapsed and died at Paisley Park in Chanhassen…

Several sources with direct knowledge of the death investigation, however, have told the Star Tribune that paramedics gave Prince a shot of the opioid antidote Narcan, and that Prince had overdosed on an opioid…

It wasn’t just the chronic pain and the opioids that killed Prince, it was also Narcan.

For instance, to the uninformed, it is inconceivable that someone who nearly died from a drug would run out that very same day and buy more of it. Narcan works by binding to opioid receptors, blocking the effect of narcotics like heroin. In drug users with a physical dependency, it also has the effect of causing severe withdrawal symptoms. This all but guarantees that the first thing a user will think of after their overdose is reversed is getting another fix…

“It’s snaps you right out, but now you’re sick,” she said. Tammy explained how EMTs took her to a nearby hospital for treatment, but her withdrawal symptoms were so bad she ran from the vehicle when it reached its destination. She says she tried shooting up to feel better but the naloxone in her system blocked the heroin.

“You could do 30 bags and you’re not going to feel nothing for hours,” she said…

Prince took more painkillers because his pain never stopped.

The government is pushing the use of Narcan, but they don’t understand what the consequences will be, nor is the addiction industry prepared for these consequences. Does this drug kill more people than it saves?

12 thoughts on “Does Narcan kill more people than it saves?

  1. I liken it to CPR. You can do a hell of a lot of damage to people using CPR, and sometimes it will be the thing that kills someone. But as a last resort, it can save lives in the immediate to figure out how to deal with the issue in the longer term. But nobody should be allowed to go right home after it is used, and any possible method to safely help with the pain and withdrawals needs to be explored until a safe level can be reestablished.
    So basically, Narcan doesn’t probably doesn’t kill, lack of treatment after using a last-resort treatment does, in my opinion.

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    • The negative short-term effects of the drug are troubling, especially as there doesn’t seem to be a plan to manage them. But also, no one knows what the long-term effects are because it hasn’t been studied. I think this drug can cause a sensitivity to pain, maybe even be a cause for a potential chronic pain condition. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be used, just that patients need to understand the drug.

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  2. They said after they gave that to Prince that they wanted him to stay for hours or to watch him but his(prince) people were told no private rooms so they bolted…after giving that dose to him……..

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    • A lot of patients want to bolt after being given this drug, because they know the withdrawal won’t be adequately managed at the hospital. And who wants to be tortured? It’s been reported that Prince didn’t sleep for 5 days… Dude, that’s torture. After my forced cold-turkey detox, I didn’t sleep for 6 days. I know what he went through, except his withdrawals were a lot worse because of Narcan. I didn’t have Narcan and I survived (although just barely).

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      • I000000%%%%%%% agree with all that you said gurl!!! I know first hand that withdrawals are not managed good at all in the hospital (first hand) hell I bitch and complain and the pain without sleep for 1 to 2 days not sleeping for 5 my god …No I didn’t have Narcan either in the hospital this damn so called Dr almost killed me as well gurl…
        You would think that medication would help but I do not know much about it and how helpful it is but from what you are saying I rather not.. .All this to get me off medication that I wasn’t taking everyday and he did this behind my back ..I would hurt this Dr if I ever see him out and about…
        We have a lot in common gurl : )
        I can’t put my tongue on it but THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO PRINCE STORY …Just like his picture on IG with his picture and his caption said “just when you thought you were safe” .. and days before his death he told people something like save your tears for a couple of days…hmmmm then pooooofff dead…There is more to this …………another thing that bothers me is the didn’t do CPR as long as they could have…Look how long they did it on Mj …. AND other stars.. Something is up gurl…
        What about the pain killer “they” say that he was on…He was hurting my god all that dancing and jumping off shitt… They always blame it on over dose of drugs or he was a drug addict just because you take a painkiller doesn’t mean that your an addict imo…
        I don’t know gurl just fishy …

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  3. Ok ok I am going to get personal here. I am a heroin addict. I am not using right now. Nor have I used in a long while. With that said I know this drug and have had this drug used on me. Most heroin dealers keep a “kit” of Narcon around because this will prevent od’s most say but they mean is cops would be visiting and they don’t want trouble for business. Usually when local heroin addicts start odn’ other ones follow because that is where the “good shit” is. Heroin addicts hear one of us died of an od we say oh how sad now where did he/she get the good dope!!! Sad but true!!!

    Narcon was given to me during one of my close calls and it was horrible. My chest felt like it was exploding and that was up to an hour and a half after the injection was given. it is not anything like CPR because most of the time when it is given it is given by a person that has no idea what the effects of it are and medical attention is not often given after the fact. and you were right when saying nobody wants to be forced into withdrawals by staying in the hospital to be observed overnight.
    I don’t know much in life but for me and for most that use opiates that I know narcon is not a choice we would make for ourselves. We know the risks of our poor choices but we are suffering from a disease that has only recovery we never are going to be “cured” drugs such as narcon are not a good tool to use on addicts. Why not use that $ to fund rehabilitation centers and support services to help putting people’s lives in order! Instead we are teaching youth to use narcon on teddy bears just for if their folks od! (News report I saw)
    Sorry for the rant!

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  4. I was given narcan other day when I apparently had a seizure and disnt need it. I wasn’t on drugs but predicts accused me of being on drugs and gave me narcan.

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    • I don’t know the effects of Narcan on someone with epilepsy, but you might want to ask your doctors that question. And maybe you should be careful the next time you have to take something for pain, just in case Narcan has a long-term effect on your brain’s ability to manage pain.


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