Meet the combat veterans who grow medical marijuana for their brothers in arms

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) doctors prescribed drugs — lots of drugs — for Scallan’s PTSD after his return from Iraq in 2009. He says he took 600mg of Seroquel, a powerful psychiatric, each night to sleep. He popped 3mg of Klonopin whenever he felt an anxiety attack flaring up. He took 200mg of Zoloft for depression each day, as well as opiates prescribed for pain…

After about of year of smoking pot daily, Scallan was able to stop taking the opiates, Zoloft and Klonopin. He was down to 150mg of Seroquel each night to sleep. Then he ditched that as well.

Scallan had finally found relief, but his journey had just begun. Soon, he’d meet other combat veterans with similar stories. Soon, they’d help spearhead a movement for their peers, some of them struggling, some of them homeless, all of them sharing a military history and an appreciation for medical pot.

Scallan had no way of knowing this at the time, but he was soon to find an entire network of support, purpose and community through marijuana…

4 thoughts on “Meet the combat veterans who grow medical marijuana for their brothers in arms

  1. Man that is a high doses of medications… These amounts are really shocking..
    I have been on Seroquel low dose at bedtime and it would knock me on my azz then I would be back up lol… I am on lowest dose of Zoloft and only taking it every other day trying to see what medications maybe giving me trouble …
    See if they would just make it ok to take medical weed everywhere the big pharma would go under for sure and we would be a lot more healthy and it’s more safe I think then all the chemicals that goes into one pill…
    That is great that he found friends through this… I am sure being off those medications he is seeing the world in a different way…

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