Stupid weed, wouldn’t let me get a good picture of it.


Many different angles, and dozens of photos later, I gave up. (Stupid weed.)


See, this is just a weed — it has no rights and nobody’s trying to protect it. So, it was easy for me to pluck that sucker and take it home. (And it was free.) (FYI, don’t pick wild bluebonnets in Texas — it’s against the law.)


I know she looks different, but it was a bumpy ride home. (Ducks were involved.)

02DSC04349 (2)

And it appears she doesn’t like my tap water.

03DSC04354 (2)

04DSC04357 (4)



DSC04348 (2)

After modeling for me, Ms. Free Weed’s final resting place was in my trash bin. (Dude, it was good while it lasted. Sorry I killed you.)

5 thoughts on “Free Weed

  1. smiling… remind me never to offer to be one of your photographic subjects… although I would never aspire to heights so great as being as cool as a weed.
    I really enjoy your pictures, thank you for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

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