Featured photo taken at my apartment complex on 4/15/2016.


(May 16, 2014) BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. — A Blair County man said he was standing up for this American Indian heritage and expressing his beliefs when he hung an American flag upside down and spray painted it earlier this week.

But police said what he did was inexcusable.

“I was offended by it when I first saw it. I had an individual stop here at the station, a female, who was in the military and she was very offended by it.” said Allegheny Township police Assistant Chief L.J. Berg.

Berg said he took the flag down and charged Joshua Brubaker with desecration and insults to the American flag.

“I removed it from the building, folded it properly and seized it as evidence,” said Berg.

Brubacker defended his actions and said he never meant to upset or offend anyone. He said he and his wife are of American Indian heritage and are passionate about American Indian Movement, specifically in the Midwest.

“I found that Wounded Knee is up for sale. Not only privately, but commercially. It’s just not right, and simply because I express myself in a way that somebody else doesn’t like or agree with doesn’t mean I should be persecuted for having beliefs,” Brubaker said.

With many of his own family members serving in the military at one point in their lives, Brubaker said the flag should give him the right to express his beliefs.

“If I don’t have a right to fly that flag upside down, which means a sign of distress, which this country is in so much distress right now, then what’s the point of having it?” Brubaker asked.

Authorities said there are other ways he could have expressed himself, other than defacing a symbol so many have fought hard to protect.

“People have made too many sacrifices to protect the flag and to have this happen in my community, I’m not happy with that,” Berg said.

Brubaker said he wishes those who were offended would have come to him so he could have explained his position. He is facing misdemeanor charges, but hopes police will reconsider.


(May 27, 2015) Fashion outlet Pacific Sunwear has been forced into pulling a t-shirt featuring an upside down US flag because some people on Twitter took offense to the item and demanded it be censored. The store featured the shirt, designed by hip hop artist A$AP Rocky, as a counter culture item, designed to provoke debate over the troubled state of the nation…

And for those who still think the image is disrespectful, here is military veteran Kristen Meghan explaining why that is simply not the case…

“Every person in the U.S. Military takes an Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, that oath did not mention a flag. I understand many Americans view the U.S. Flag as a symbol of liberty and freedom which is why it is confusing they are not outraged at the dangers affecting individual liberty and freedom. There are so many things occurring at home that disrespect ‘Liberty and Freedom.’ The logic that those who believe this country is in dire need of being resuscitated should somehow be met with threats of violence and met with online pitch forks is flawed… 

Those people not afraid to hold a flag upside down, a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property are actually displaying the flag as a form [of] nonviolent protest against all things that are a threat to the Constitution. There are many photos online of military personnel, in uniform, holding the flag upside down. Their call for help should not be viewed as disrespect or disgrace, quite the opposite…”






8 thoughts on “What does the flag mean to you?

        • I think it’s disrespectful to your country holding the flag upside down (I mean any country). In Germany and Britain we’re supposed to feel guilty when displaying our flags. And whilst war saddens me, -every- country has blood on its hands because that is, unfortunately, an aspect of humanity. A line needs to be drawn in order to progress. Without the good kind of pride we are doomed.

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        • The “good” kind of pride? I have pride in the workers who are fighting for a livable wage in this country, and for those who protest against the drug war. And for the veterans who fight for access to cannabis. But it’s hard to have pride in a country, like the U.S., that is more concerned about corporations than human beings. Where disabled people are at the whim of ideological politicians. A country that subsidizes manufacturers of lead and other toxic chemicals, and then silently watches while its citizens are poisoned.

          I can be proud of my country for the fact that it’s not running around the world cutting off people’s heads because of religion, but then killing people from the sky can be seen as just as bad. And the number of victims in America’s drug war number in the millions.

          I’m proud that we have a black president, but these last 8 years have just brought out all the white-power zealots, proud and out in the open (and gun sales are through the roof). And last but not least, there’s Donald Drumpf. Should I be proud of what this country has produced?

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  1. To me it’s just a piece of cloth, made in China, and nothing more. Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, and it has been my observation that many of the scoundrels in my community display the American flag. People who fly the flag in front of their houses on the whole tend to be hostile, anti-social and horrible neighbors in my experience, so it’s something I look for when moving into a neighborhood. Some people in my area have taken to flying the Confederate flag as well–which I could also care less about–even though we’re a few hundred miles north of the Mason Dixon line up here.

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  2. You always ask the most challenging questions! 🙂 Several of my family and friends fought for our freedom here. Do I agree with war? No I don’t but unfortunately someone has to do it. I know it’s just a piece of cloth but it’s still disrespectful to hang it upside down, burn it, etc. Even though I think it’s wrong to hang the flag upside down, I see it as a freedom of speech. My loved ones and many others fight/fought for us to have and keep that freedom. I don’t think Brubacker should be facing charges, he was expressing himself.

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