I made homemade rolls and garlic bread early this morning, because butter. And many hours later, my apartment still smells like baking bread. (Aromatherapy via yeast.)

01DSC03556 (2)

02DSC03565 (2)

03DSC03557 (2)

04DSC03536 (2)

In other news, there was a death in the family, caused by the freak accident of tripping over a piece of green thread (on the way to a buttered crumb). Rest in peace, Aunt Sara.

DSC03532 (2)

Celebrate butter this Sunday, and if you’re brave, every single day.

20 thoughts on “Because Butter

  1. OMG lmfao at you all….And I am a lover of bread fresh bread and garlic bread and well any bread … I can smell it from here and want to go make a loaf of fresh bread… we were just talking about this the other day but agreed we would have to make full loaf of bread or two for each one here yeah we big on bread and hell yes to all the butter I /we love and I mean love butter…real butter from Canada is like butter that I have never had before in my life when we used to live in Vermont we would go up to Canada or the others would and bring butter home to all………….I think that I am going through withdraws now………………the butter in the stores are just not the same…unless maybe a special store?? worth a look for..

    Just looked at the pictures again …how far do you live from me lmao…

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    • I knew that Canadians made great maple syrup, but I had no idea they also made superior butter. I don’t think I’ve seen Canadian butter in the store, but I always choose Land O’ Lakes. I’ll buy generic for a lot of products, but not butter. Because butter is the base of all good taste. πŸ™‚


      • Oh yes they also make wonderful maple syrup Very expensive!!! It’s so different the taste it is more thin gurl you have to try some …Dads one brother owns a farm and makes and sells maple syrup he sent us a few half gallons we use it on special occasions lol stays good for ever!! …
        If I can get a hold of a smaller container that I know if the real good stuff I will send it to you : )
        I agree about the butter…you have butter then you have BUTTER!!!! and yes you can taste the difference..yup we do the same generic for somethings a real butter for others like baking……..now I want something sweet lol…

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        • Oh kool I just know it has been hard to find here so I didn’t know if you could find it there or not..well good to know lol I still may have to send you one it’s a super cute container I think I just want to send you that container lololol…

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