A pain in my ass

Back pain is common, especially among old people (like me). I’ve felt lucky that my back pain isn’t constant, usually showing up as flares and easily dealt with (compared to the main sources of my pain).

So, I was surprised when I began noticing a pain in my butt — left cheek to be exact. I’m like, what could it be? Can’t be a muscle strain, considering it’s my butt (which is mostly fat). Feels more like a pinched nerve, which means I just need to be patient and it will (hopefully) fade.

But the problem is not the pain in my left cheek, but the pain that radiates down my leg and makes it hard to put pressure on my left leg. It’s one thing to wonder if my knees will support me, but quite another when the pain is so bad it can make my leg collapse.

Asking Google’s help, I’ve diagnosed my problem:


Piriformis is a small muscle that can cause a lot of trouble if it gets tight. It sits deep within the hip and its job is to rotate the hip externally and to abduct the leg when the hip is flexed. Tight piriformis by itself can cause the pain in the butt, but situation becomes worse if it presses on the sciatic nerve that passes underneath (and for some people right through) the piriformis muscle.

Location: The pain can show up in the middle of the buttock, in the lower back or anywhere along the pathway of the nerve. It can also manifest as numbness or weakness in the leg.

Offender: Herniated disks, bone spurs on the vertebrae or tight piriformis muscle

Reason: Sitting or driving a lot, degenerative changes in the spine with age.



Piriformis Syndrome is an extremely common condition, and is far more likely to be found in women than men (about 6-15 times more often, depending on whose studies you are looking at). Although I can only speculate on the reason for this, I suspect that it is a child-bearing issue…

Over the past decade I have come to realize that Piriformis Syndrome is literally “epidemic” in the female portion of our society. Although I had no intention for it to happen this way, our Piriformis Syndrome Page is Destroy Chronic Pain’s #1 webpage by far. And despite all of the new research on the subject, the medical community remains largely mystified about what it really is, or how to treat it effectively…

Like Fibromyalgia, Piriformis appears to be another medical condition that mainly affects women and which the medical industry (made up of mostly men) have no clue about. If I had gone to the doctor about this pain, what kind of “professional” advice would I have paid for? And even if the doctor correctly diagnosed the condition, what treatment could he offer me? Nothing, dude, nothing.

Now I have to create an ice pack big enough for my butt. LOL.


17 thoughts on “A pain in my ass

  1. You just saved your happy azz ….well unhappy at this time a bunch of money and possibly a Dr that would not have believed in what you said and told him the problems that you are having.. You just never know from visit to visit if they believe you or not lol..
    Oh they probably would have told you either ice or heat and charged ur azz …. you are doing the best thing sitting on a block of cold azz ice ; 0 I do know that pain and my heart goes out to you gurl.. Please rest and maybe a hot bath?? I try to pop my lower back how the PT taught me to and things like that and that I should not do…lol…
    Huggggs my dear ….Just do not get frost bite on that azz lol ohhhh that would hurt…and blister up and ohhhhhhh ……..
    Huggggggggs again

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    • Well, I’ve tried ice and heat, but neither seem to make a difference. Now I can only hope it will fade with time. Unfortunately, time isn’t very nice to me, so there’s always the possibility that it could just get worse. I figured a wheelchair was somewhere in my future, but I’m hoping to put it off as long as possible…

      Anyway, I’m waiting for the free market to create a wheelchair for my head. 🙂

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      • Hey gurl…
        I wish the ice would work you know 20 on 20 off just like heat..just things that I know from medical field or from pt telling me…again ..wish I was there to try to help you get some relief… No No wheelchair for you or me..I say no no no…………I hope it gets better for you and have you the cash for a bone crusher ??????? yeah you hurt more after like a day or maybe 2 days but they can help..I can’t said my joints and all that shitt won’t stay in position and with all that is wrong all it could take is one move and things would be worse ..like I need that..but thought about going back myself but then I remember the pain after and it would be a waste of money that I really do not have it my body not gonna stay in place…
        A wheelchair for that head of yours lollol…hmmm so your head would become your azz…??????
        do you have someone you trust that could pop your back??…
        both standing you put your back facing his front and you cross your arms take a deep breath in and let all way out and he lifts you up a lil with his arms around the front of you he will hold his hands together..he does not have to life you off the ground or anything just a lil tip toe action on you and he just leans back….????? have you tried that…????
        Or lay down face down on the bed have someone strattle you and have them put how ever weight feels good to you on your back starting from as low as you need to all the way up your back?? just with hands push up towards your head…
        Another…..lay flat on the bed and have who ever pull from the end of the bed ..one foot pull on it out like trying to make you taller and move the leg left to right..then do same thing to the other leg…….
        are you able to try some of those????
        there is one that I do that usually does the trick but trying to figure out how to put it on here or explain it lol…
        please let me know gurl…Have you tried sitting on the floor and trying to reach your toes with out bending the knees??? ok I will stop for now lol …I am just trying to help you get rid of that anointing pain….I miss my pt guy he would get my back in shape and if I was hurting lets just say his hands were majic ..lol in a good way too lol no real professional I learned so much from him… I maybe able to get him back for pt but my Dr the same one not helping me the bitch one doesn’t believe a word of what all my other dr say and or me..she just wont help with anything..like telling me a person with really bad lupus not just one form..and other shitt load of problems …she said yeah go out during the day and walk …I told her just a trip to dallas and I start to get butterfly rash on my face and other areas ..even with spf go fuck your self….lol..enough with that…
        So I guess this time you are really a pain in the azz….hahahahaah

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        • “hmmm so your head would become your azz…??????”

          Some would say that’s already happened. 🙂

          Ice and heat have many limitations, including having to sit around while you’re applying them. I also try to limit these treatments, as the longer I use them, the less effective they become.

          I do a lot of stretching, but I wouldn’t let anyone do… all that stuff you’re describing. If getting a hug is uncomfortable, think how it would feel for all that other stuff. Yikes. 🙂

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        • lmao gurl!!..
          I know they do gurl I was just shooting ideas at you not trying to tell you oh you need to do this or that just wanting you out of pain my dear ..
          I agree 100% on all sometimes ice makes me hurt more same with heat and to keep that heating pad where i need it is another story lol..I do not even use biofreeze any longer since it is cold and it makes me worse ..at one time I lived on that stuff lol and with the heat like I said I can’t keep it in place and when I do need it in areas that will stay in place I want to keep it on all day long and we know that is not good either lol..damn if I do damn if I don’t lol…
          Oh so you saying your flexible now huh LMFAO jk jk
          So gurl our you done with all the moving and enjoying the new home of yours???..
          yes soft hugs been up since 2am with a fibro flare but doing my best to hang in there…I am past tired none of this makes sense just so tired and sick n tired…lol but oh how fun this shitters is huh…

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        • I’m enjoying some parts of my new home, while being irritated with others. Like an oven so small that I keep burning my hands. And a stackable dryer (on top of the washer) with a door that won’t stay open. So, when I’m loading and unloading the laundry, the door keeps hitting me in the back of the head. I tried to ignore it, but about the tenth time it happened, I couldn’t help but get irritated. After the 20th time, I had to laugh. 🙂

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        • Oh those apartment ovens…. I guess that I need to send you some oven mitts lol but I believe that you would have some already lol….you living in a studio or a one bedroom??
          Oh maybe it’s a ghost that is shutting the door and it’s hitting you in the head? you know a friendly ghost making you feel at home so to say …I can understand that frustration …make you laugh or cry huh at least you had a good laugh and not a concussion

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      • wtf… the next comment was from you about bath and body works and how you use cardboard from toilet rolls i went to type and the reply from you is gone and the link and what i was going to say and read that link..all gone didn’t get to read your link……..grrrrrr

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  2. I understand butt and simultaneous back and leg pain.
    There are some yoga poses/stretches than can help. I found a couple links that show a variety of them
    – Yoga International: 7 Poses to Soothe Sciatica –
    These 7 simple poses target the tight muscle that often causes sciatic pain: the piriformis – http://bit.ly/XvEKFq
    – LiveStrong: Exercises to Reduce Buttock Pain – Your buttocks, or gluteal muscles, may be painful because of overuse, muscle strain or sciatic issues. The piriformis muscle, located deep within the gluteal region, is a common culprit of buttock pain – http://bit.ly/1SKMlom

    I hope they help 🙂

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    • It might be easier to just have that muscle removed, like the surgery that removed my gallbladder. Although I guess I need this muscle, while it appears I really didn’t need my gallbladder. 🙂

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