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For the first time in my very long life, I found a black spot in my orange:


Perfectly fine on the outside, I was surprised to find this… this… yucky thing on the inside. Let’s see what the internet has to say, shall we?


Yeah, looks like mold, maybe some kind of fungus? I’ve heard that you should throw fruit out after 10 days to prevent this sort of thing, but I just kinda peel around it if it comes to that. I live dangerously. (And yes, I am poor.)
posted by jnaps at 4:38 AM on September 27, 2008

Now that I know one can survive eating around the moldy spot, the next time I come across this problem, I’ll eat around it.


But seriously, it looks like an alien, right? Like an alien burst out of my orange, just like in the movie when the alien burst out of that guy’s chest…

So, if you see a news story in the future about a zombie apocalypse in New Mexico, you’ll know what happened… it was the oranges.

11 thoughts on “I found an alien in my orange

    • Another mouth to feed? Mine’s big enough, believe me.

      I think I’ll have it covered in gold and then sell it on Ebay. Or maybe I’ll save it in a test tube in a sterile safe deposit box, and then when the zombies attack, I’ll have the key to the antidote. I’ll wait until the zombies have infected all the politicians, then I’ll save humankind. 🙂

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      • Hehe 😀
        I very much like your logic there! And I will help shoot the zombie politicians!! In case someone gives them the antidote. 🙂
        I usually get foetus oranges in my oranges and I always feel badly for eating them. :/

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