I’ll bet you thought it was going to be another boring Monday, right? Well, this time you’d be wrong, because it’s Purple Week here on All Things Chronic.

As part of the recovery from my move, it’s gonna be a week of art and music therapy, all to rest my very weary soul. I’m going to spend the week thinking about nothing more than the beauty of Mother Nature. So, please join me, throw all your worries into the hands of fate, and enjoy the magic and wonder that surrounds us.

01DSC01905 (2)

02DSC08373 (4)

03DSC08373 (3)

04DSC02376 (2)

05DSC02496 (4)

06DSC02505 (2)

07DSC08393 (5)

Sometimes you gotta look for it.

08DSC02456 (3)

09DSC02572 (3)

10DSC02892 (2)

DSC02496 (5)

Thanks for viewing and sharing my therapy. (smiley face)

5 thoughts on “Profusions Of Purples

  1. First beautiful pictures so bright and all the different shades of purple I really enjoyed what you said as well…Ok I am with you more nature (as much as I can) and musik it is… This is a recovery week for you my dear one and I am so happy that you have moved away from that place into your new home… I hope that you will be much happier in YOUR HOME you deserve to be and more wonderful things to come to you…
    I think and this is if you do not mind that I will join you in the recovery and musik too ….I need to get A LOT I mean A LOT of things organized shitt I am still looking for my desk lol…But I have to have a change with how my desk is and how unorganized it has become since we got hit with my better half his only living person left his aunt is in a nursing home since December now she is closer to us but we have all her paper work to handle and keep here and just so much extra stress we did not need. She had a bleed in her brain and last 2 weeks she has been at the hospital since she was in a wheelchair eating and chocked and they had to do cpr she was on the vent for just about 2 weeks and now back to the home near us..So stressed YES and Busy lol…you know the usual things people go through ….
    well my dear friend 🙂 I am headed to the shower with no cunt coffee..yeah I yelled at it called it a cunt and it leaked water on the counter ..yes I would say a true cunt lolol….Oh and I hit it one more time…

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