6 thoughts on “Meet My New Neighbor

    She is looking at you like do I know her ??
    We rescue dogs Lisa A. so if you ever need or want one a type of breed let me know and I am sure we can find you one and even get it to you…..
    How in the hell do you make it where I typed her name it would stand out and she would get notified???? I do not even know how to link a post of the not sleeping to the coffee one ?? how bout you gurl? help me out when you have time…my happy azz is going to smoke and shower…
    hugggs to you hun

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    • When you make a comment after someone, that person will receive a copy of your comment if they clicked on “Notify me of new comments via email,” which I think most people do.

      To insert a link in a post, copy the URL line (web address) — the https: slash slash whatever — and paste it into your new post. If you are inserting a link from someone else’s website, usually they will get a “pingback” that shows you re-blogged their link.

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      • you tooooo kind to me gurl…I will try to read this and figure it out when I need to use it lol…sometimes I feel to dumb for this fucking site lol…
        As you can see I am playing catch up on comments and reading blogs…so off for more reading I did see a comment from you at the top but I am trying from bottom up lol..to stay on top of things..lol..

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  2. I watched mockingjay part 2 with my Mom and sister last night. There’s a scene where Katniss is throwing stuff at a cat all upset because someone had died, and the cat just sat there looking bitchy like cats do, and I blurted out “dude, I’m a cat. I don’t give a shit.” Had to add a little levity to an otherwise tragic moment 😉

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