Pain takes away your motivation to do anything, really. When you know that movement will only make the pain worse, you need even more motivation to be active. And because I have no current bud connection, it’s even harder for me to find this motivation. (Seriously, no one should have to live with pain like this.)

But, while the maintenance dudes were working on my toilet yesterday (don’t ask), I was able to make my way down to the duck pond, which I’ve christened “Duck City.” (Because Albuquerque is known as Duke City.)

DSC02868 (4)

DSC02836 (2)

DSC02850 (3)

Yes, I brought bread to feed the ducks, but that was before I did my research on what ducks like to eat:

Considering this article is all about healthy food and what ducks should eat (without consultation with the ducks), I chose the sweetest item on the menu — corn — and picked some up at the grocery store for the next feeding. Hopefully, this will give me the motivation to take another walk to Duck City…

(Photos taken yesterday.)


8 thoughts on “Duck City

  1. Gurl loved this…
    It is so hard to get motivated to even try to walk for me with this pain ..I am clapping my hands together at you for pushing through and meeting the new ducky city…
    I wish I had a treadmill always wanted one since my body does not do good in hot or cold but nothing beats natural nature I miss thee..I watch from the window as life passes me by ..I miss my toes in the grass or a snake passing along and scaring my azz ..the birds chirping in the morning my own alarm clock goes off chirp chirp they tell me it is time to come sit out on the swing and enjoy us while you drink your coffee and think of the day ahead they said don’t plan just be free like a leaf flowing in the air on a crisp spring morning just go with it ..remember when during the summer when it would rain and you would go out in the rain and let it cleanse you how free and how much you felt like one with nature and how refreshed you felt I said yes how I remember but it was such a long time ago to the chirp chirps they said what are you waiting for each day is a new day take time to enjoy us again and in doing so you will find you again…..
    Gurl sorry I do not know where this came from maybe the duckies had something to do with it..?? yeah I blame them lol j/k I am no writer or poet or anything close you know that but it just came to me after reading and seeing your post…hope it don’t upset you… know how I ramble…lol
    Huggggs to you my dear friend

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  2. Every time I go for a check up at my pain clinic they have a questionnaire that must be completed. One of the questions asks you to identify one thing that pain prevents you from doing. For the past two years my answer has been the same: going for a walk.
    I can’t wait for the day when walking for longer than 10 minutes doesn’t plunge me into overwhelming agony.
    I hope you enjoyed your walk and that you’re able to get out for more 🙂

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