As Melissa Boarts’ family described what they knew of her death, one phrase was repeatedly used: “They didn’t have to shoot her.” In this instance, “they” would be an Auburn police officer who shot and killed Melissa on Sunday…

Melissa, 36, had been diagnosed as a bipolar manic depressive, Terry Boarts said, and had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for May to get more effective medication.

“I heard Melissa go into to the living room, and I went in there to talk to her,” Terry Boarts said. “She was gone. She had left. We were able to find out she was headed on the interstate going to Auburn,” Terry Boarts said. “She was threatening to slit her wrists with a knife.”

Melissa’s parents loaded Melissa’s 2-year-old daughter in the car and went searching for her…

“I relayed to (police) that she was having mental issues — that she was bipolar, that she had been really depressed, that she was saying she was going to cut her wrists. … We were thinking they would get her help,” Terry Boarts said. They also told police that Melissa had a knife…

Police said the female driver got out of her vehicle “armed with a weapon and charged the officers in a threatening manner,” which is when the officers opened fire and killed her…

Please don’t call the police if one of your loved ones is threatening suicide — they are not doctors and cannot help. They can only make a bad situation worse.

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