How Drug Warriors Helped to Fuel the Opioid Epidemic

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painkills2 haggrr • 2 minutes ago
I’m sorry for your loss, but weed never killed anyone. As a 25-year intractable pain survivor, I took pills for 10 years before I was forced into a cold-turkey detox (the torture that many pain patients are now suffering through because of the opioid war and the CDC). Now I choose cannabis, and although you’re right that weed doesn’t provide the same relief as painkillers, it provides much more and with less side effects.

To anyone who is reading this, don’t believe the words of those who have lost people to the drug war. Unfortunately, they are clouded by grief and ignorance of what it’s like to live in constant pain.

2 thoughts on “How Drug Warriors Helped to Fuel the Opioid Epidemic

  1. This is a very interesting article. As a member of NA which opposes the use of all illegal drugs it is difficult for me to accept the use of medical marijuana or rather I would not be able to use it myself. But the situation with opioid painkillers is disastrous in the United States where I understand it’s a leading cause of heroin addiction when the pills run out. Does medical marijuana actually make you high or does it just get rid of the pain? Any alternatives to opioid painkillers definitely need to be investigated.


    • It is illogical to only oppose illegal drugs, as if only the federal government can determine which drugs are “good” (legal) and which are “bad” (illegal). Everyone is different, drugs affect people differently, and discriminating against one drug is like discriminating against all drugs. It’s unfair, discriminatory, illogical, and against medical science that those who suffer from drug addiction are allowed the opioids bupe and methadone, but chronic pain patients are being denied access to other opioids. In fact, it can be described as torture.

      The “situation” with the opioid war is indeed disastrous, but what is even worse is that more people die from suicide than from opioid-related causes.

      Every strain of marijuana is different, with a different combination of THC and other CBDs. CBD-only strains have no psychoactive effect at all, although that’s stripping the plant of the entourage effect. With some strains, you have to smoke half a joint to get an effect (any more than that is just wasting it); and with others, just a few puffs. Opioids are a better painkiller, but can dull your mind and your senses. Cannabis doesn’t kill the pain as much as it allows you to be distracted from it, while opening your mind and calming your senses.

      You keep mentioning that alternatives to opioids need to be investigated, and some are, but there’s no magic pill on the horizon. The drugs we have now are pretty much what we’ll have for the next decade, and many of the new ones are just different versions of the old ones.

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