I christened my new apartment with take-out from my favorite restaurant, Pelican’s. Turns out, there’s one very close to my new home.




Waiting for my food, I wandered around outside.


05DSC02678.0 (2)

06DSC02650 (3)


08DSC02650 (2)

As the sun went down, the fishies turned bright aqua, which this photo doesn’t do justice to.

09DSC02676 (2)


Wait, I spot a windmill!


DSC02668 (2)

I look forward to a time when cannabis is sold as freely as alcohol. (If you live in Albuquerque, please hook me up.)

DSC02669 (2)

The best part was getting two huge containers of ranch dressing with my order, when I only ordered one. (If WordPress hadn’t messed up the emojis, I would’ve inserted a smiley face right here.)

(Photos taken 4/3/2016.)

10 thoughts on “Christening

  1. That looks like a good place. Seafood I presume. I miss good seafood, will have to hunt for some near here.

    OK, a big funny and hope you don’t get bothered by it. In the photos with the little pelican statue on the counter. If you block off the pelican’s body his head looks like a penis.
    Yes I have a dirty mind evidently because I saw that first. HAHAHA :-O

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