Support for torture is particularly strong among Republicans: In the 2015 poll, for example, a hefty 73 percent came out in favor, compared with 46 percent of Democrats. Moreover, after the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino late last year, Americans are particularly concerned about national security…

But there is more to these polls than meets the eye. Those who do back torture tend to support its use in exceptional circumstances, such as the “ticking time-bomb” scenario, when a bomb is about to go off and torture is required to find it. When politicians say they will reauthorize the rough stuff, it is usually for such restricted situations. While this might amount to occasional support for harsh methods, it is hardly the same as unqualified enthusiasm. So, a CBS poll from 2014 found that 49 percent of Americans thought enhanced interrogation techniques were “sometimes justified,” versus 36 percent who did not…

I don’t know why so many Americans still believe that torture works. I know what torture feels like, even if I’ve never been waterboarded.

Keep in mind, when you support torture — in any circumstance — our enemies then have the right to do the same. And eye for an eye, right? Anyway, we don’t need to understand our enemies when we can bomb the shit out of them from the sky. Or when we can lock them away in prison.

At the New Hampshire debate, for example, Cruz said he wouldn’t bring back enhanced interrogation in any sort of “widespread use” because “bad things happen” when it spreads…

Too late, dude.

So, torture supporters, I’m just wondering:  What would Jesus do?



John Void
I wouldn’t have tortured him, but if Trump insists on volunteering to be tortured, I won’t stand in the way. I mean, if that’s what he really wants. As long as he’s not hurting anybody else, I’ll try to be open-minded about his lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “#WWJD?

  1. The BBC carried a report into the use of water boarding not long ago which said that the information gained by the techique was “negligible” and that it had not been a success. Of course if you subject someone to some kind of Middle Ages type torture they will say anything – including everything they know to get it to stop. But Western governments cannot use these methods to get information out of people without completely losing any moral authority. A “ticking time bomb” scenario is troubling even to those who oppose torture but such events are so rare (I can’t think of a single case) that I do not think it is relevant to the discussion. I don’t think waterboarding – the main enhanced interrogation technique – works and so for practical reasons as well as to regain the moral high ground we should stop using it.

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  2. The quote by John Void made me laugh. “As long as he’s not hurting anybody else, I’ll try to be open-minded about his lifestyle.”
    oh yes, I’m sure Trump would feel the same about anyone else ever. Not.

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