Yes, I’ve been bribing the squirrels. Hopefully, carrots are good for squirrels, too.

01DSC02523 (2)

Just doing my part to further human-animal relations. 🙂

02DSC02524 (2)

I see that the Tumbleweed Invasion of 2016 is alive and well.

04DSC02449 (4)

And I’m thinking maybe I should become a Bandido.

05DSC02356 (2)

06DSC02355 (3)

07DSC02356 (3)

I see a bumper sticker that makes me smile. 🙂


Ah, yellow.

09DSC02342 (2)

Same leaves, different background. Just because.

10DSC02344 (2)

Oh, look! A new weed to explore!

11DSC02416 (3)

12DSC02416 (6)

13DSC02416 (7)

I hear the dog before I see the dog.

14DSC02389 (3)

Since I don’t understand dog language, I can’t interpret his barks. But he doesn’t appear to enjoy my company.

15DSC02390 (2)

Ah, a protective bark. Poor babies, your home looks crowded.

16DSC02391 (2)

In New Mexico, jets in the sky are pretty much a daily occurrence.


I’m sure we’re all tired of seeing these photos. Perhaps things will be different in my new place.

18DSC02403 (2)

Just a portrait of American Misery, I suppose.

19DSC02482.0 (2)

Plastic, plastic everywhere.


Seems like nobody cares.


But there’s beauty to be found, if one dares.

22DSC02474 (2)

Among the rubble and sadness.


There’s always yellow.

24DSC02411 (2)

Sadly, I see that my starfish is beginning to look like Donald Drumpf. (And there’s always laughter.)

DSC02428 (2)

And life goes on. 🙂

(Photos taken this week.)

3 thoughts on “What Do I See? Take a walk with me…

  1. Veteran’s Day? Volume Discount? Vaginal Delivery? Vlad Dracul? Vidimus Dominum? With such a Vague Description, it could mean anything 🙂 Good to see there are still more varieties of alcohol in New Mexico than plants 🙂

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