On Saturday, when I left to take my trash to the bin, I was greeted by some great clouds.


This one’s an airplane taking off.


I don’t know about you, but I see an eagle taking flight.

03DSC02081.0 (2)


05DSC02084 (2)

I took a moment to take a selfie in the sunset.

06DSC02098 (2)

And then another…

07DSC02085 (3)

And now I’m beginning to think I take too many selfies. 🙂

08DSC02088 (3)


News Flash:  If you’re unable to find the trash can, you shouldn’t be taking care of a dog.

DSC02107 (3)

The apartment complex hasn’t turned on the sprinklers yet this season, so my yellow flowers are looking a little forlorn.

DSC02111 (5)

But they look great in black and white.

DSC02111 (3)

It’s been a really long weekend. (Heck, it’s been a really long month.) On Friday, the dude who promised to help me move decided to be an asshole and backed out. Thankfully, I just found a replacement, so let’s hope this one works out. (C’mon, don’t be lazy, cross your fingers and toes for me, won’t you?)

(Photos taken 3/26/2016.)

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