Again, Men

N.J. doc has elaborate excuse for how his semen got on patient, report says

A doctor from Montclair accused of ejaculating on one of his patients claims that his semen may have gotten onto the 22-year-old woman because he forgot to wash his hands after masturbating, the NY Post reports.

Dr. David Newman, 45, told cops that he masturbated in the lounge before treating the woman for shoulder pain at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan on Jan. 11, according to The Daily News…

On a lighter note:

This Charity Bookstore Is Begging People To Stop Donating Their Copies Of ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

4 thoughts on “Again, Men

  1. Can’t the pages of the “50 Shades” books be cut down for origami? I mean, such stupid, clumsy porn writing can be made into beautiful cranes or rabbits. Though the excuse from the doctor is an obvious fabrication, in the grand scheme of things it’s also completely plausible because men often “forget” to wash their hands after they handle their junk. It’s all a part of their inherent belief that they own all space around them, including women’s bodies.

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    • I think all the copies should be given to the ‘doctor’. They should be locked in a room with him. Then after he has expires from dehydration caused by an over indulgence of onanism, the lot can be mulched and added to a compost heap.

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