It’s Getting Harder to Pay the Rent in America

It’s been more than 15 years since Congress increased funding for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, the government’s primary method for encouraging construction of affordable housing…

There are 3.9 million low-income households that lack access to affordable housing, according to Cantwell’s office. Just as troubling, the number of U.S. households spending 50 percent of their income on rent could increase to 15 million by 2025…

Rental housing often gets short shrift from politicians, at least compared with proposals to promote home ownership…

So many tax breaks revolve around home ownership (and marriage), something tens of millions of renters (and singles) will never be able to take advantage of (we always get screwed).

One thought on “It’s Getting Harder to Pay the Rent in America

  1. We’re renters now. We had to sell our house after I lost my job (after surgery). As you have taught me, we pay higher rates in car insurance, we get no tax breaks or incentives, and we build no equity. Low income is rough, and we have a Dem for the prez. Who knows what will happen if we don’t keep a Dem in the big, white house…who is really renting too.

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