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      • Hey my dear friend!! : )
        I would say my ol saying of hanging in there but in all truth it is by a thread…. Just same ol health that I am so sick of I am starting to get more angry as I go on feeling like fucking shitters I know I will not ever have a normal day I get that part but a headache everyday for 4 years and now some with throwing up for two days with it along with the other shitt just plain fucking old and these so called Dr’s …Oh the latest is the bitch arthritis and lupus and fibro Dr is now pawning me off to my Dermatologist I do like her she is good but confuzeld I am for sure I do have a sore on my ear in a few places and a lil on my face she can help me with those problems I get that but I am having more issues that need to be delt with the lupus and fibro and my regular primary Dr ….I need answers muther fuckers and it doesn’t always consist of a fucking pill or pills……I need test ran like she did when I first seen her she was on top of my health and now she don’t give two fucks about it (me)…and making me more tired ..There should have been more than a handful of times that I should have been in the hospital but I rather try to get better on my own and at home and this bitch Dr should have caught how sick I was but only see me for 5-10 minutes for a 120 mile drive..just she is not worth it and I know there is no cure and the illnesses and injuries I have but there is more or something else going on and so fucking tired I’ve been sleeping more than ever but not resting sleep..I am so sick to my stomach and headache that won’t stop and popping my neck all day since it hurts so bad and ya know I may make appointment to my regular Md and see if he can start figuring this out cuz I can not go on much longer like this gurl that is truth!!!!!…..scared sick and tired..
        Now I am waiting for dads Dr to call back so I can give her his bp he is not doing so good and not at all like he should be but then he did not listen to the Dr and did somethings he should not have typical man lol but worried about him and stressed about everything and I mean everything that is going on…
        Ok I really enjoy opening up to you and I do feel you care and then I come to your page and just let it all out lol like a page out of a book I write a whole book here…sorry my dear one lol..Comfy to talk to you I guess 🙂

        How are you doing gurl? You all done moving into this new home??…..I am sure that this will be a fresh start for you and maybe a new start that you needed…I can not wait to see pictures of the new home and around you ..I just want you happy and stress free and able to have a dildo bar when you want one gurl lololol

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        • I’ll be moving next weekend, and I’m looking forward to paying less for rent. Looking forward to saving enough money for my eventual move to Colorado, home of some of the best weed in the world.

          I predict that the state of Colorado will be so happy to have me as a resident, it will give me millions of dollars to open up my own pain clinic. Then you’ll have a reason to come visit me. 🙂

          I’m not sure how dildos came into the conversation, but fun fact: In Texas (the state where I spent most of my life), it’s illegal to order sex toys through the mail. 😀

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        • Oh do let me know how the move is going gurl and happy for you that it is less rent that is always a great thing..
          Oh you are serious about moving to the beautiful state of Colorado wow I have flown in and out of there many of times never got to stay also driven through many of times with my better half when he was a driver it is so beautiful I could so live there I SO love the snow I don’t know how my body would handle that cold these days but I would so try it and even though we get snow it is just not the same ….LOL well that would be great for you to get your card to smoke and not have to worry or as much I wish they would just pass it all through the states just make it easier and less would be in jail for something as petty as putting someone in jail for fucking smoking weed I believe we have more important crimes that are taking place than to put someone smoking a lil somethin somethin like rape, shootings hate on hate crimes go get them and leave the smokers alone….YES that would be too kool if one day I could go visit you in Colorado I would love to visit your pain clinic maybe then I would be pain free or where I could deal with it …
          Oh the dildos you know the ice cream bars from DQ lmfao I was just making a dirty joke that is all…SO I called them dildos bars …lol…
          What the hell can I order online and have them mailed home ? or just can not buy them from a catalog ?? either way that is not a fun fact lol that is sad….. : ( I will survive I like going into the sex shop itself it’s more fun and I can embarrassed my man chase him around with the big one lol..
          How is this Saturday treating you my friend??

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        • Hey gurl…Ok it is a new day and please tell me that it is better and that the movers came and helped you… please…

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        • Hey my gurl!!!..
          I am playing catch up while I try to stay up lol…. just going out one day for test and dad test I pay for it ..I could go back to bed still so tired it pisses me the fuck off more than anything ..anyways….
          my baby Skippy is still blind as fuck poor thing.. It makes me cry when I see him run or walk into the wall or trying to find the water… He does ok but he is so freaking smart and was learning so much and so well it is just sickening ….
          His eye or both at times turning red ..the whole eye red and swollen at times.. it is just so heart breaking to me/us I just do not know what else to do with him..we still play and all that but still hurts…… I was even going to blog about it but still to hard really at this time for me and to look for the baby pictures when momma was giving birth to him and me feeding him I just can not at this time.. maybe soon….
          I really want to thank you for asking about our Skippy : ) he is our baby for sure..
          How are you today my dear friend??
          Huggggs to you
          : )

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        • Just take the time needed…and anytime I just want everything to be good for you and those sound good and I still have not had one….but I do have chocolate ice cream that is really trying to call my name ohhhh boyy…see what you have started lolol..
          How is your azz I mean your butt…??? cold???? or heat?? I bet its frozen lol

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