Saturday Evening Interview 3-19-16

They arrived on a ship that suspiciously looked like a jet.

12DSC01830 (2)

This whole time, I thought they were trees, when they were actually interstellar beings.

01DSC01831.0 (2)

02DSC01852.0 (2)

Their ship arrived, almost on top of me.

03DSC01840.0 (2)

Whatย I’m trying to tell you is, the alien ship was shaped like a tree.

DSC01846.0 (2)

And the ship looked just like the aliens.

04DSC01843 (2)

05DSC01835.0 (2)

The aliens tried to seduce me with blooming flowers…

05DSC01791 (3)

06DSC01817 (3)

07DSC01821 (3)

Then they tried to hypnotize me with beautiful colors…


I soon found out that the aliens knew about my obsession with balls — when they couldn’t hypnotize me with flowers and colors, they brought out the moon.

09DSC01849 (2)

10DSC01848 (2)

11DSC01849 (5)

Look at the moon, they chimed in unison. Answer all of our questions and we’ll let you go, they said.


I was tired, so I just gave in.

15DSC01820 (2)

I answered all of their questions truthfully, except for one…

16DSC01820 (5)

The aliens are like, why do you crop so much?

17DSC01820 (4)

I just told them it was because I don’t have the best eyesight. That’s kinda true, but not really. ๐Ÿ™‚

18DSC01822 (4)

19DSC01830 (4)

That’s what happened. Lisa was there. She’ll tell you. The aliens made me do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

(Photos taken this week.)

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