What Do I See? Take a walk with me…


I see a cool motorcycle.


And a weeping willow (at one of the apartment complexes I visited).

02DSC01564 (3)

As always, I see trash.

DSC01668.0 (2)

I miss gum, especially watermelon bubble gum.

DSC01668 (2)

I miss nuts, too, mainly cashews.

DSC01759 (2)

I see that one of my neighbors cares about pet odors in her apartment, but not about a trash-free environment.

DSC01684 (2)

I see more neglect.


I see things that have been discarded and I wonder why.

DSC01763 (2)


Seriously, WTF? What is it, a roast? I’m like, what could have happened? Why did this huge chunk of uncooked meat end up in my path? What is the universe trying to tell me?

DSC01624 (2)

I see McDonald’s is still as popular as ever. (Photos taken on the same day.)



DSC01769 (2)

Between a rock and a hard place.


My figurative selfie.

DSC01725 (2)

My literal selfie. (Still having to wear a hat to cover up a really bad haircut.)


Here I am photographing my obsession with my neighbors’ trash.


DSC01696 (2)

Seriously, dirty diapers?

DSC01762 (3)

In case  you can’t see, this is a rug in a tree.

DSC01698.0 (2)

It’s official:  My neighbors have really bad taste.



Caffeine, come join the party!

DSC01743 (2)

How sweet, a Caffeinated Couple.

DSC01736 (2)

Graffiti here, graffiti there, graffiti everywhere.


DSC01681 (2)

Pretty colors… I wonder how many people choose a brand by the colors?

DSC01772 (2)

Not sure the fire extinguishers work, except as an ashtray.

DSC01723 (2)

New Mexico’s state symbol should be the tumbleweed.


I’m like, somebody misspelled “retornable.” (Turns out, it’s Spanish.)

DSC01754 (2)

Hey, Francisco, if you’re reading this, when are you coming back?

DSC01770 (2)

During this walk, I saw these notices on every door (most of which will end up on the ground as trash):


Think about it: The apartment complex hired some young dude to tape this notice to every tenant’s door. (Ran into him, he seemed nice.) This underpaid dude sees all this trash and all these broken rules, but that’s not his problem. I would be shocked if any tenant had ever received a fine.


Eviction Update:

When I went back to my first choice for a new apartment, I was told they had nothing available. I thought, couldn’t you have told me that when I visited the first time?

So, I put in an application for a different apartment on Wednesday, but no approval yet. I don’t know why it’s taking so long, as I was told the approval process would only take a day. I’m worried about what my current landlord will say. I’m worried about… a lot of things…

And now I have to go out again tomorrow (I mean, today) and find another apartment… and soon we’ll have a President Drumpf…

Life sucks, said the crow.

7 thoughts on “What Do I See? Take a walk with me…

    • I drive around town and stop when I see an apartment complex that’s run down enough for me to afford. (Albuquerque is a fairly small city.) I went by that place today and it was closed. Tenant says the office is closed every weekend. So, I kept looking and found another place. The non-refundable application fee and “administration” fee were atrocious, but I just can’t look anymore. Waiting to hear about an approval, today or tomorrow. Who knows.

      Thanks for the offer to help. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I hope you find a new home soon my dear…
    ALLLLLLLLL that trash!!!!!!!!!… I do not think the people that have the job to keep up the place are doing the job… and I do not think that notice will help since I believe it was on the ground …some people just do not care and that is sad… but as always I love seeing things from your eyes…
    Oh the rug in the tree lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • How do you think it got there? I mean, how does a rug find it’s way onto a tall tree like that? Sure, it’s close to what looks like a bathroom window, but how did the rug end up in front of the tree? And why would someone throw away a perfectly good rug? Just another mystery of life. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • The only thing I can come up with is you said looks like a bathroom window maybe they were shaking the rug out the window to clean it and they lost the grip on the rug????????? lol or lazy and wanted to throw it out for real lol…but to lazy to put in the trash….Yes those mystery of life will keep you thinking for sure… Hey it might be a new fad…?? like throwing shoes up on the telephone line?? God only knows or well the person that did it…lol : )

        Liked by 1 person

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