Et tu, Guardian?

I’m surprised The Guardian published such a one-sided article. It’s like Kolodny from PFROP wrote it himself.

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hang3xc fortetoo 2d ago

They have stopped paying for pain meds too. Everyone I know has had problems since the first of the year. My insurance company (BCBS) had been paying for my pain meds since I got hurt in 1992. Jan 1st 2016 they denied payment. My doctor called and gave them everything they wanted yet they still denied me. Again, this is something I have been stuck with for 24 years, but NOW it is a problem? … As it is, my monthly prescription, which cost $20-$30 per month NOW costs me $250…

5 thoughts on “Et tu, Guardian?

  1. Oh joy. I imagine those guidelines will just get used as toilet paper and flushed. Or at least as barges to prevent splashback. Don’t despair, they’re good for something.

    I’m just as curious as the pharma backed organizations where, exactly, the CDC got some of their “evidence” from.

    I’m still a little confused as to why the CDC is in charge of this in the first place. They deal with pathogens/infectious diseases, and even state they use the same method to determine probable clinical outcome for opioid pain management as they do for immunization protocol. Well shit, I may as well try to make orange juice out of a light bulb. Maybe that’ll work too.

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  2. I really think the solution is developing non-opioid pain medication which is happening but doesn’t exist yet. As a recovering drug addict I would be reluctant to take opioid painkillers due to the potential for addiction. But there is no way I would put up with chronic pain and if opioids were the only option I am pretty sure I would take them..

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