Addiction clinics masquerading as pain clinics

There’s a “pain clinic” at the University of New Mexico run by Dr. Joanna Katzman, which I’ve written about before:

Dr. Katzman never confirmed to me that this clinic doesn’t prescribe pain medications, but just as I surmised, it’s true:

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(3/15/2016) CDC Opioid Guidelines Released

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Teresa Crisman
March 16, 2016 at 1:08 pm
I was correct in my assumption that my dr. would discontinue my pain meds today. Right about that, but not right about the reason. She walked in saying They (group of drs, one clinic) couldn’t be my provider anymore. She said I was ” Doctor shopping”. I was stunned and told her it was not true! After claiming I filled a Rx in my village which has no pharmacy, after I said not true again, she showed me a pharmacy print out with some other drug dispensed to me, and again I said not true, asked her to call the NP who supposedly ordered it. I finally figured out it was when my NP had ordered cough syrup in Dec. So, now I am labeled as a fricken doctor shopper and have been cut off from all narcotics without any support. I am not stupid, I have to be physically addicted and its gonna be rough the next few days. Then add my pain will keep me bed bound.

UNM pain clinic can’t see me sooner than Oct., I called to attempt to get in sooner and told the nurse why. The real shocker came when I found out Univ. of New Mexico pain clinic DOESN’T PRESCRIBE OPIATS!!! My startled exclamation “What the h###l do you do then?”, will not help my case. so very tired…..

7 thoughts on “Addiction clinics masquerading as pain clinics

  1. I haven’t read the actual guidelines yet, but I saw an article posted earlier. It’s just sad. And awful. And it pisses me off. They want too much control over everything, and if their goal is to protect the public, even an idiot like me knows this is not the way to do it. It’s going to end badly. More illicit drug use, higher risk of death by overdose because quality/dosage is never guaranteed.

    I think what they’re doing at the ‘pain center’ is addressing all of the issues constant pain causes, without actually addressing the pain. A good healthy dose of antidepressants and brainwashing. Maybe it works for some people, but having the unobstructed option to reduce pain with something we know works well would be fantastic.

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  2. Our health care is getting so sad and pathetic. I have seen ones that do not need it get bottles full of you name it and then others that really need it just get enough to get by.
    By law they if the quit seeing you should give you one month worth of medications to last and hope you find a new DR in time before you run out.
    When I was looking for a new Dr for dad first thing they said if he takes any pain medications they will not see him…Most are not giving out pain medications they want you to see a pain specialist I know mine dose a UA when ever you never know. I have seen new patients walk up to the office window and say I am here for such and such time new patient and they will tell them we need a UA and they freak the fuck out and leave .
    On another note I am bout ready to go off all medications Lupus and Fibro all of it…And change a few Dr’s as well…….
    Anyways gurl hugggs to you

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    • I don’t think there’s a law that says doctors must give patients adequate notice before terminating the relationship. I think it’s more of a recommendation, especially if doctors want to avoid lawsuits. I can’t say for sure, but I haven’t seen any lawsuits about patient abandonment, and I suppose until that happens, nothing will change. After all, I’ve seen plenty of stories about patients being abandoned (including me).

      Changing doctors is not fun. You could be accused of doctor shopping, especially if you’re looking for any kind of prescription medications. If you stop taking the ones you’re on now, make sure to taper the dosage, so the side effects won’t be as bad. If you have side effects you need help managing, just stop by and ask. 🙂

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      • I think I miss spoke about it being a law lol like you said above about giving adequate notice and such in fact I do not know the law and how it goes with medications and such and after I said that (by law) and did somethings around the house) I remembered last month when I was in Dallas (dad and I have one Dr that sees us both) and while I was waiting in Dallas I got a call to remind me of the appointment and I had the card in my purse so I pulled it out and said yeah dad and I will be there and she said no just you I replied but we always see her together and the card shows dad at such and such time and me after him at such time
        they said no and just for me to show up so I did and when I got in to see the Dr and showed her the card she said that I need to tell my dad that she can no longer see him…. I was like isn’t that your job and the reason was he had missed to many appointments as I told her he was put in the hospital again and the other time he was going to the hospital and we both had to cancel so we both had the same appointments canceled. I still do not understand but anyways I found him another Dr but the old hag one said that she would give enough medication for one month and that should be enough time to find a new Dr. It was not enough time so I had to call her and ask if she would give him more medication or he would end up going thru withdraw and I will not have that since the way she did him.
        So gurl I do not know by law lol remember I am a Dr well I play one on TV haha
        One reason I hate them all…again bout ready to stop everything and go natural.. ; )

        Thank you so much for the last part of tapering off I have done that before on the Hydrocodone and I have done it cold turkey too oh so sick.. My pain specialist was worried since you can have heart attack and other fun things but she was with me if I wanted to go off and or stay off or try lower dose. I’m even talking about going off my lupus and fibro everything!! I just get sick and tired of taking pills that I do not even know if they are helping me or with the lupus ones making me sicker??
        anyways I really, really do appreciate you handing your hand out and heart it really means the world to me since I do not have many to talk to or call them friends to where I could even talk to them…
        so I take what you said and keep it close to my heart and could never thank you enough : )
        huggs to you my dear one

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