We place ghost bikes for people killed while cycling. Our secular organization makes no judgement on who is “worthy” of a ghost bike… We hope that you who support ghost bikes can understand and support the placement of ghost bikes without regard to race, creed, color, nationality, gender, circumstances of their death or any other characteristic…

Whatever the circumstances of the individual’s death, the person was loved and is missed. We hope that the placement of a ghost bike helps the family and friends of the fallen cyclist heal. We also hope that the ghost bikes we place help all road users remember to be attentive, alert and responsible.

Photos taken 2/20/2016.



03DSC00856.0 (2)





08DSC00852 (2)

09DSC00852 (6)



12DSC00868 (2)

13DSC00863 (2)

14DSC00863 (5)

15DSC00863 (8)

16DSC00863 (4)

17DSC00862 (2)

DSC00845 (2)

DSC00847 (3)

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