I don’t know what kind of bushes these are, but they sure smell good. Sir Derrick, maybe you can give these buds a name?

01DSC01467 (2)

02DSC01582 (3)


04DSC01587 (3)

05DSC01587 (2)

09DSC01593 (2)

10DSC01594 (2)

11DSC01584 (2)

13DSC01586 (2)


15DSC01579 (3)

17DSC01589 (2)

19DSC01591 (2)

20DSC01590 (2)

Repeat after me:  The bud and I are one. I am the bud. Be one with the bud. I am the bud…

06DSC01587 (4)

Hypnosis by bud. 🙂

(Photos taken yesterday.)


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