Click on video before viewing. (And don’t forget to sing along.)

Blue jean baby

01DSC04652 (3)

L.A. lady

02DSC04649 (2)

seamstress for the band

03DSC09946 (3)

Pretty eyed

04DSC00449 (2)

pirate smile

05DSC00450 (2)

you’ll marry a music man




you must have seen her

08DSC02050 (2)

dancing in the sand

10DSC09692 (3)

And now she’s in me


always with me

12DSC08926 (2)

tiny dancer in my hand

13DSC06266 (2)

14DSC06271 (2)

Jesus freaks out in the street


Handing tickets out for God

16DSC02048 (3)

Turning back


she just laughs

18DSC01952 (2)

The boulevard is not that bad

19DSC01965 (2)

Piano man


he makes his stand


In the auditorium

22DSC02786 (2)

Looking on


she sings the songs


The words she knows


the tune she hums

26DSC08577 (3)

But oh how it feels so real


Lying here

28DSC09692 (4)

with no one near


Only you

29DSC09152 (4)

and you can hear me

30DSC04650 (3)

When I say softly, slowly

30DSC09152 (3)

Hold me closer tiny dancer

31DSC01144 (2)

Count the headlights on the highway

32DSC01145 (3)

Lay me down in sheets of linen

33DSC06271 (4)

You had a busy day today

34DSC08686 (2)

Wow, that’s a lot of art therapy. Thanks for viewing. 🙂

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