2 thoughts on “New Mexican Blues

  1. The skies in your neck of the woods are so much bluer than the are here. My husband is from Tucson, we were married at Tumacacori National Park…about 30 – 45 minutes from Tucson. The photos I took there are amazing, because of the sky. I won an award for one of the photos. I’m sure it was because the blue of the sky set off the orange in the building.
    When we lived in Palm Springs there were also beautifully blue skies.

    I miss the blue.

    the blue skies in North Carolina do not compare.

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    • The blue skies in California are also nice, but the beauty is offset by the earthquakes. The skies in Texas are pretty blue, too, but the sight is crowded out by lots and lots of tall buildings. And the heat in Houston offsets whatever beauty you can find in nature. Here in New Mexico, there must be some kind of tall-building ordinance, because the beautiful skies are visible, no matter where you are. And there’s a lot less billboards, which is nice. 🙂

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