For my friend, Kara, who loves green. (Except for broccoli and kale.) πŸ™‚

DSC01460 (3)

DSC01462 (2)

DSC01461 (2)

(Photos taken today.)


7 thoughts on “The Lettuce Tree

  1. Wonderful pictures Johnna.! Estoy matando la saudade. No estoy recibiendo motivaciones , nem e-mails de sus posts. No se lio que se passa.! Estoy mirando su post nel celphone.! Hasta la vista.!

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    • Google translator says this is what you said:

      “I’m killing saudade. I’m not getting motivations, nem e-mails from their posts. No mess that passa.! I’m looking at your post nel celphone.! Bye.!”

      I’m not sure what your comment means, but I hope you are well, Francisco. Can’t wait for you to return.

      No estoy seguro de lo que significa su comentario, pero espero que estΓ© bien, Francisco. No se puede esperar a que regrese. πŸ™‚

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