It was supposed to rain yesterday, but the weather forecaster was wrong. (And my car was really looking forward to a bath.) After hours of looking at apartments, on my way home…

I see ducks.



Their honks reminded me of Donald Drumpf. This one’s sidestepping litter.

03DSC01431 (2)

A duck’s neck is very flexible, making me wonder what kind of cartilage they have.

03DSC01444 (3)

I like ducks, but if they have cartilage in their necks that can replace the cartilage in my jaw joints, then they should be recruited to help.

04DSC01448 (2)

Since the ducks were between me and the road, I thought I’d be able to force them to a point where I could take a close-up photo. I mean, where they gonna run, into the road?

06DSC01433 (2)

But they managed to elude me, running back and forth, parallel to the road. They didn’t seem to be afraid of the cars at all… stupid ducks.


At least these ducks are smarter than the animals that roam free in England where Sir Derrick lives — they never stuck a webbed foot onto the road.


I think these two are trying to race the race car.


This one’s like, I ain’t playing. I’m just gonna stand here and blend into the background.

10DSC01453 (3)

Obviously, a few non-conformists in the bunch.

11DSC01440 (2)

And here’s Aunt Rosa, having to watch over Baby Duck while all the other ducks get to play. Watch out for the litter, Baby Duck!

16DSC01442 (3)

Obviously well-fed, although eating next to a busy road doesn’t seem very appetizing.

12DSC01439 (2)

What are they looking for?

13DSC01436 (2)

14DSC01441 (2)

Ah, it looks like ducks require relaxation, too.

DSC01456 (2)

(Photos taken yesterday.)

10 thoughts on “Stupid Ducks

  1. Those are Canada geese, not ducks, not Canadians, not Canuckducks. They couldn’t vote for Herr Drumpfenstein if they wanted to. They are illegal immigrants. They don’t walk like a duck or quack like a duck, but they do honk if they’re horny 🙂 Did you know that “Donald” is the anglicized form of the Irish name “Domhnail” which means “world-ruler” in Irish? “The Donald” is clearly destined to be the planetary sovereign of “The Earth,” though this loud honkey should not be confused with the other Donald, who is a duck, not a goose or an asshole.

    I am amazed to see them so far south in a desert environment (geese, not toupees). You can occasionally find them year-round here in New York but most usually fly south for the winter, where you will see tens of thousands of them passing through. The one with the green head and its mate are Mallard ducks. No, that is not a green toupee.

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