Movie review: 99 Homes

This is a good movie made great by the stellar performances of Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon. (And if you’ve never seen Mr. Garfield in Never Let Me Go, you need to stop reading this right now and go watch it.)

Since I’ve never owned a home, the real estate industry is somewhat of a mystery to me. And yet this industry was part of a global financial meltdown. This movie is like an entertaining documentary of what went on in Florida during the housing crash. It’s also a reminder of what it feels like to be evicted from your home.

(3/3/2016) Home ‘flipping’ exceeds peaks in some hot U.S. housing markets

Home flipping – buying and reselling a home to make a quick buck – has risen in some hot U.S. housing markets, prompting concerns that local housing bubbles could be developing, according to a report published on Thursday.

The report by RealtyTrac found that home flipping in 12 active metropolitan areas last year was above a peak set in 2005, just two years before the U.S. mortgage market started to collapse, leading to a banking crisis and the Great Recession.

Profits generated by home flipping also hit a 10-year high…

Three metro areas in Florida, a housing market that has been prone to overheating, saw the largest increase in home flips. Lakeland, Jacksonville, and Homosassa Springs all saw home flips rise 40 percent to 50 percent…

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