I see that the squirrels are back.

01DSC01396 (2)

I see that someone misses the snow, just like me.

02DSC01052 (2)

I see that my neighbors like to have a good time…


But have questionable tastes.

03DSC00898 (2)

I see what looks like a vapor trail from an alien ship.


I see the sunrise from the gas station.


I see a disabled symbol that doesn’t fit me, as I’m not in a wheelchair.

21DSC06467 (3)

I see neglect.





I’m not sure what I’m seeing here, but it could be one of the aliens.

12DSC05801 (2)



I see that Verbal gets around.


I see a hole that I complained about, yet it still remains. (Reminds me of how I once broke my foot.)


“Hello from the outside.”  Adele

17DSC01079 (3)

This is what I saw in my front yard this morning.

18DSC01426 (3)

I found this questionable work of art in the field across from my apartments.


It’s Pot Art. 🙂

20DSC01335 (2)

And wonders of all wonders, they’ve invented a self-cleaning toilet:


Of course, this cleaning method won’t remove hard water and mineral stains, just germs.

At this point, you should be glad that I haven’t included any photos of dog poop.

22DSC08031 (3)

In other words, it could have been worse.

23DSC07569 (3)

Last, but not least, do you remember these from summer of last year?

DSC02040 (2)

Don’t ask me where the eyeball in the featured photo came from. (What, like a stressed-out teddy bear?) And if you know, don’t tell me — let it remain a mystery.

24 thoughts on “What Do I See?

  1. Our aliens are getting around! The toilet reminded me of a show called Dead Like Me, the main character was killed by a toilet that fell from the MIR space station…maybe it was caused by aliens.
    Your neighbors have bad taste! And they are rude and unsafe. I wish you were someplace nicer.

    I haven’t mentioned it but we found a place. A house to rent, it is more walker friendly. Spending a bit more than we wanted, but a friend is moving in with us to help out and he’s going to pay part of the rent. Yay. Hope this works out.

    Keep you friends close and your aliens closer??
    Ummm….dont get probed.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yay! Finding and choosing a place is the hardest part. I’m still working on that. Gonna try and go out again tomorrow, if the rain’s not too bad. And if I could just get some sleep… stupid aliens, keeping me awake. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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