Dear Russell Stover:  While I appreciate all the new varieties of Easter candy — like Banana Whip, Pineapple Whip, and Key Lime Whip — where the heck is the dark chocolate and caramel?

(Photo taken today.)

14 thoughts on “When I Die, I Wanna Go to Chocolate Heaven

  1. oh my gosh yes…just give me good dark chocolate.
    I went to a restaurant once in Asheville, NC and everything was Gluten Free.
    I had a Dark Chocolate Cake with a Raspberry coulis swirled on the plate…you know all fancy like.
    I also had a glass of Merlot.
    I swear I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

    Of course, that was when I could drink…I never drank much, but a little and dark chocolate with red wine may be a migrainers nightmare (and yes I am a migrainer, but it rarely bothered me before) it is so dang good together.

    When I die, may I do to a heaven where I can have dark chocolate again with red wine.

    dang if that didn’t make me cry.

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    • I’m on a fairly soft diet, so it’s limiting, too. When I could afford fragrance oils, I used to get the ones that reminded me of foods I could no longer eat. Yes, a substitute, but still nice. 🙂


      • I think smelling the foods would just make me want it more. I can’t have onion or garlic, apples…ect. When I smell a rich Italian sauce cooking with lots of onion and garlic I just swoon, make me want it even more. Luckily I can have garlic infused olive oil, so that helps.
        Smelling Apple Pie, or crisp also does me in.

        Being on a more soft food diet must be hard. and you must miss certain foods. Odd thing, the one thing I have every day that I haven’t gotten tired of and is good for me is a smoothie in the mornings. The rest of our meals leave a lot to be desired.
        It’s hard being on a restrictive diet when my husband isn’t and he now has to do the cooking and hates to cook.
        I feel like I have to beg for decent food. I’ll settle a lot for food that is just here and convenient. But I can’t eat packaged or processed foods, there’s too much stuff in them I can’t have. Or I’m sure I’d be having frozen meals a lot. I do wish every once in a while I could just open a can of soup.

        again, I’m venting in my comment to you. Don’t pay me any mind. We are working on making it better.


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        • I used to eat a lot of processed foods, like frozen french fries. Yum. Now that I’m eating healthier, I thought I would feel, I dunno, better. But my pain doesn’t seem to be affected by what I digest, just how hard it is to chew it. Which is why I’m so thankful for ranch dressing, for without it, I wouldn’t be able to eat salads…

          And feel free to vent here anytime. 🙂

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