After making countless piñatas in a small workshop with his siblings since childhood, Avalos Ramirez never guessed that this gesture of protest would result in dozens of orders, both from Mexican customers and those across the border. Some customers filled Trump with candy and gleefully pummeled him to bits at birthday parties. Others took him to protests and set his likeness aflame. Eighty or so Trumps later, the orders are still coming…

On a visit to Mexico City, Biden told President Enrique Peña Nieto that he almost felt the need to apologize to the Mexican people, and lamented the “damaging” and “inaccurate” xenophobic sentiments expressed during the Republican primary campaign.

“I just want you to know, Mr. President, that the most heated of the rhetoric you’ve heard from some of the competitors for the nomination for president is not who we are as the American people. It is not a view that is the view of the majority of the American people. It’s the exact opposite, it’s the opposite view,” Biden said.

But many here are worried that the strength Trump has demonstrated in the polls, even in the state of Nevada, which has a large Latino population, indicates that such sentiments are shared by millions.

“I have family living in California, and they’re really worried that if Trump becomes president, they’ll be afraid that they could have their citizenship taken away. And they have been living over there for more than 30 years,” said Lourdes Fernandez, a housewife in Mexico City…


Trump’s unapologetic comments about Mexican immigrants being rapists and criminals outraged many Mexicans both in Mexico and the U.S. But it also inspired piñateros to make piñatas in Trump’s likeness, including the candidate’s blond combover…

Sam Haozous, 46, a student at the Institute of American Indian Arts, also recently bought the piñata as a gag gift for his father’s birthday April 1, also April Fool’s Day. In the meantime, however, Haozous has been parading the Trump piñata around town. On his Facebook account, Haozous has been posting pictures of the piñata at bars, restaurants and next to his sleeping grandmother…

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