Internet down

I’m at a public WiFi right now, trying to find out why my internet connection isn’t working. Getting help from Century Link is not something you want to do when you’re in a lot of pain — or even if you’re not. Dolores from Century Link says there’s an outage that could last for 24 hours (probably more), and when I asked for more information, she disconnected me. So, I don’t know when I’ll be back… Fuck, fuck, fuck.

20 thoughts on “Internet down

      • Oh I like that lol.. But I only play a Dr on TV ; )
        I still have not found a phrase for my blog lol maybe I just keep it the way it is ? I just do not know what to put…I also do not want to limit myself either..
        But a name or what ever the fuck they call that, that goes along with the blog lol…LOVE THE IDEA but prob get in trouble for impersonation of a Dr lolol

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        • Let’s see, a name for your blog… You could go with something basic, like “Stuff.” Or something longer, like “Playing Doctor.” There’s also my favorite phrase, “Doctors Suck.” But I like Sue’s Space, so why change it?

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        • I like ur ideas too… omg gurl I love that saying as well one of my favorite to use since I HATE THEM and I used to work in the field and friends will ask me question when sick and
          I also liked how it came out Sue’s Space ..My own space to share with the world…Ok I will keep lol
          How are you? where are you lol???

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        • hey my dear gurl!!!
          I have never had one of those : ( maybe one day….hell just have an extra one for me and all will be good lol…
          I am doing my best to hang in there gurl…been a lil busy with the rescue dogs but this one is ours we do not know what is going on with this baby yeah he is my baby the only one that lived and now about 2 years old and having major problems … we took him to this so called vet but did not get any answers my heart is breaking ….. it has me in the dumps ….
          H ow are you my dear? I hope less stressful for your happy azz lol..I hope things are working out better for you…I do not think you pray but I do so I pray for you like I have been… no matter if you believe in faith or a rock what ever it may be I have prayed for you gurl.. Oh but not into organized religion or church I feel to corrupt and not for me…
          Anyways let me know that you are hanging in there and having one of those bars for me plz….

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        • I’m pretty sure I had one of those Dilly Bars for you. In fact, I ate six of them, so a few of them were for you. I can report that the Butterscotch flavor is good, but not great. Chocolate and cherry are the best, with Heath a close second. ๐Ÿ™‚

          Instead of thinking about you praying for me, I will think about you… thinking about me. As I do you. And now, your dog, too.

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        • Well thank you for the dildo bars I mean Dilly bars.. I love chocolate oh god now I want chocolate ice cream see what you have done to me…I will have to try one of those for sure one day did you say these are from DQ?
          Aww you are too sweet and kind my friend…
          I have been so lost about Skippy going blind for no reason at all ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I am beside myself to be honest but you know me I am making the best of it and hangin in there…
          How are things going for you my dear one????
          If you have not contacted the news yet I will beat ur azz lol… It can and usually help… but please tell me that they are going to let you live and stay please……..

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        • Well I am waiting awhile before I ask I am giving you sometime more than a day you see lol…Nah gurl hope you are doing better and having a better day…
          Thank you about the name well he looks like the color of peanut butter lol so I named him Skippy well we all came up with it at the same time kinda lol…
          I bet you are cleaning out your old place and packing and excited about moving into your new home… or maybe you are moving already : )

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  1. Well, I have to hand it to Century Link… whatever the problem is or was, it seems to be working now. Seriously, I thought I was going to blow a gasket… Wait, I think I see a gasket lying on the floor… probably flew out of my ear… ๐Ÿ™‚

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