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Across from the Sandia Casino is the Sandia Pueblo and the Bien Mur Indian Market Center.


At:  www.sandiapueblo.nsn.us/bien-mur-indian-market

A special attraction is the 107-acre Buffalo preserve established by the Pueblo of Sandia to promote the resurgence of the American Bison. They were all but exterminated during the mass slaughter of the eighteen hundreds. Thanks to efforts such as this Buffalo preserve, the buffalo are now thriving in herds across the West…

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When I visited the donkeys and horses, they were very friendly. The buffalo? Not so much.


They don’t seem to recognize humans at all, not once acknowledging our presence. (I wasn’t the only one taking photos.)

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And they don’t seem to mind eating while surrounded by their waste. (Yuck.)

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They didn’t make any noise or have any interest in anything but the sparse grass they were munching on.


What a life, right? 🙂

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(Photos taken 2/27/2016.)

6 thoughts on “Buffalo at the Pueblo

        • I also used to live in a city that was flat, with nothing to look at except concrete and steel. Funny, though, my mountain is more impressive when viewed from a distance — up close, it’s just a pile of dirt and rocks. 😀

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        • I admire your sunshine too. I live in a small coastal village on the east coast (England), we get a lot of wind and the days can be dark and gloomy or sunny – but not sunshine like yours. Cities don’t appeal much to me. The nicest city I lived in was Heidelberg in Germany, it is small as far as cities are concerned. It has a castle on the hill and a long pedestrationised area with cafes, bars, shops and cinema.

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