More than 10,000 apply at new Cheesecake Factory

Posted at on 2/19/2016:

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —More than 10,000 people applied to work at the new Cheesecake Factory location opening next week at Coronado Center, and 290 people made the final cut…  Rowe said it’s not unusual to get thousands of applications for a new location, but said this might be a new record…

5 thoughts on “More than 10,000 apply at new Cheesecake Factory

      • I’m fine, thanks. How is everything going with you? How goes the apartment search? I was thinking if you need a doctor’s note you might try to see if they have a free or cheap community clinic nearby. They are good about giving notes usually and not too expensive.

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        • Doctors are bad for me. If Unum couldn’t force me to see a doctor, then my current landlord certainly can’t. The apartment search is slow but I’ve found some possibilities. And I found a dude to help me move, too.

          You’re “fine”? Dude, I know better. But I won’t push it. 🙂


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