11 thoughts on “What happens if you don’t turn on the bathroom light

  1. Goodness! Around Christmas time I had a horrible experience. I was laying in bed in semi darkness and I heard tap…tap…tap. I assumed it was one of the dogs doing something. But the sound continued, not only did it get progressively louder, it got quicker! TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP!!!

    I swung my kindle light on the area to illuminate what ‘it’ was and screamed! An enormous spider, I think the largest type in England, the Brown Wolf (it’s supposed to live in the garden), was running along my posters towards MY direction!

    The bugger had a diameter (including legs) of three inches. I wish my other dog, Sugar the-spider-eating-Chihuahua-from-Germany was still around – apart from missing her she was excellent at taking care of rampant 8-legged-monsters.

    I hope your bottom has recovered from its fright 🙂

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    • Oh no, you misunderstand. This is what would happen if you DON’T turn on the light, and I ALWAYS turn on the light — that is, ever since I found a spider on the toilet seat. But I didn’t sit on it, because for that brief second in time, I had some luck. But because I think too much, I had a dream where I did sit and got bit. Seriously, I woke up, wrote this poem, and went back to sleep. At least for a little while…

      Dude, a spider that makes a tapping sound that you can actually hear… like a horror movie, but for real… I’m surprised you survived the fright. I guess spiders are more afraid of us… or so I tell myself. 🙂

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      • Ohhh, I see, LOL. Well thank goodness for that, no nipped butt. 🙂

        I know, I was terrified, it really was loud. I couldn’t believe that a spider in the cool climes of the uk could be that big! It doesn’t help having a phobia with the big ones either. IF I had turned on the light BEFORE hopping into bed I would have saved myself the fright. On two occasions I found large ones in my spice cupboard in the kitchen. It’s great having John remove them. Maybe they’re cosmopolitan spiders? Maybe nipped over from France on the Chunnel?

        Yes, they can have heart attacks poor things.

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