Soon You’ll be Able to Buy Headphones to Get You High

The Florida-based startup claims they’ve invented a pair of headphones that can bring users a high comparable to a hard workout — if not exactly comparable to weed.

Here’s how Nervana explains it: The headphones will pump music into your ears like any other but will also use an electrical signal to stimulate the Vagus nerve from inside the ear canal. This will result in — allegedly — the release of all those fun brain compounds like dopamine and serotonin…

While it’s natural for a company founder to be enthused about her invention, critics at the CES also said the experience was something special.

“I felt the electricity go into my arm, and everything was tingling there, but the best moment for me was afterwards when I finished and stood up,” one user reported to Futurism. “I felt like I reached a personal high point. I couldn’t stop smiling or laughing. I was like, ‘Oh wow’. For about five minutes, my happiness level was a 10 out of 10. Then it got foggier, but I was still unusually happy for about an hour.”

The device is currently in the final stages of durability testing and if all goes well Nervana says they expect to go on sale to the general public next month…

“[We’re] not going to recommend driving, certainly not while using it,” Brannon said, adding that while she was confident there was no impairment, the company suggested that driver’s stay off the road for at least 30 minutes after use…

5 thoughts on “Soon You’ll be Able to Buy Headphones to Get You High

  1. I wonder if they’ve had long-term studies done in case they want to stave off depression that so often happens when people crash after doing something like E or Molly. If the headphones are used consistently over a certain amount of time, will the body start its own feedback loop at a stronger concentration than normal, or will it always require the headphones to trigger it? And why hasn’t Bruce Willis made this sci-fi movie yet?

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