Thanks, Dr. Wilks

Maureen Wilks is a Senior Geologist, and Head of Archives and Collections at the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources. From 2012 to present she was invited to attend the New Mexico Prescription Drug Misuse and Overdose Prevention and Pain Management Advisory Council as pain patient advocate. In 2014 she became a core member of the Socorro County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, and later, a sponsor of HB 159 for the NM Department of Health to conduct a chronic pain study. Her husband Bob Macleod lived with chronic pain for over 20 years before his death in October 2015. She is writing a book about their experiences “A Pain in the Neck: The impact of prescription drug abuse on the treatment of chronic pain patients in America”.

We thank Dr. Maureen Wilks for sharing her story as a voice for pain patients. Below is her heartfelt story of her husband’s journey with pain management and access to a provider willing to treat him…

Reducing overdose deaths is not quite as simple as reducing access to prescription drugs. If it were then there should be a correlation between overdose deaths within a state and the amount of opioids being prescribed. New Mexico ranks number two in overdose deaths but only 22 when it comes to prescribing (1 being lowest, 50 highest)…  New Mexico ranks 49th to 50th for alcohol related deaths…

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