7 thoughts on “Please welcome MyTMJDJourney to WordPress

    • What are you going on about, Suzy Q? Another person’s pain does not make my pain worse. And when you go and visit this young woman with TMJ, try not to leave a comment as long as a book.

      Ha, you know I’m just teasing you. 🙂

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      • No I was just headed to that person blog and to look around… Oh I know that gurl lol I just felt bad for that person in pain just reading that blog post makes me upset about it always seems about money and the Dt does not care about how much pain a person is in….
        Oh man you had to go and ruin it for me I was going to at least make it as long as those Golden kids books lmfao
        Awwww I love it when you fuck with me you know I am good for it I do not get mad or upset…
        Hell to damn tired and pain to get mad been up way past 24 hours now..
        So much fun!!!!!!!!!!!
        Oh and you did not share your icing with me damn it Janet!!!! 😉

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        • Dude, I haven’t even made the icing yet. No, I’ve been busy cleaning my apartment, while I recuperate from yesterday’s apartment hunting experience. How can I do both? Very, very slowly…

          Edit: I just returned from the post office, where I sent you a sledgehammer to treat your insomnia. Use with caution and good luck. 🙂

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        • Have you made the icing yet????? lol….I so hope you get news like the landlord saying sorry about this misunderstanding and let you stay there so you would have less to worry about…have you heard any more information?? What about going in there and talking face to face….????????
          Dang sounds like you a busy gurl with cleaning and shitt… Oh I could use some help cleaning lol…come on just come over lol…
          OMG lol thank you gurl I will look forward to my wonderful gift in the mail I would think that would do the trick lol… It does get very old usually happens when my body tells me you are either going to have a fibro flare or lupus and lately it has been fibro pain…
          I look forward to my gift and if you do not hear from me oooh lets say ever again you know it worked ; )

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        • Oh that sounds yummy!!!.. well you know what they say… sometimes no news is good news…I hope for you gurl…
          Made out of chocolate omg gurl cause of death intoxicated by sledgehammer made of yummy chocolate…. In my eyes what a great way to die lol….

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