In searching for an apartment today, I wandered down a dead-end road, where I met Hank and Harriet:

DSC00765.0 (2)

Don’t ever try to sneak up on a horse to take a picture, because they’ll hear you:

DSC00763.0 (2)

Hank has a white spot on his forehead, so he thinks he’s special.

DSC00763 (2)

Hey, Hank, can we talk?

DSC00764.0 (2)

I guess not…

DSC00764 (4)

From Urban Dictionary:

Dead-end (verb): The sending of a text that gives the recipient no where to go when texting back and disrupts the natural flow of the conversation. Often a one word answer, or closing comment.
Guy (texting): So howd u like that party the other day?
Girl (texting): It was good.
Guy: Aww man, she just dead-ended me.

That’s okay, I’ll talk to Harriet:

DSC00767.0 (2).0

I’m lookin’ for a place to live, Harriet. Do ya’ll have any room in the barn?

DSC00770.0 (2)

Hank said that Donald Trump owns this farm, so monthly rent is one million dollars.

Well, I guess I’ll have to keep looking…

DSC00769 (2)

Hank also said, don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. (And live rent-free on a farm.)

“I once thought that I was the only man that persevered to be the friend of the white man, but since they have come and cleaned out our lodges, horses, and everything else, it is hard for me to believe the white man any more.” Black Kettle


9 thoughts on “Dead Ends

  1. Pretty pictures gurl… I think i am in the need of back road therapy as I call it where we hit the dirt roads and just go where the road and day take us…one of many reasons you have to love the country….
    You will find a place gurl or that so called landlord will get her karma…

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  3. I love your photography.
    I saw your troubles on another blog.
    Be sure to put your go fund me link in your side bar so people won’t forget, or will know they can help out.
    I’ll try to add to the fund as moving time gets closer.
    I’m trying to move soon too, I have to find a place that is more handicap friendly.
    I know the expenses involved.
    I don’t know about where you live, but here renters don’t have many rights, it takes so long to get any action you are out on the street first.
    I wish I had words of wisdom.
    Don’t give up hope.
    That’s the best I can do.

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      • Sometimes hope is hard to find. Well, I know everything changes so things can change for the better, right? I have a friend that says she is happy when she gets to her worst because she knows it will get better from there. Recently I think, are you sure it’s the worst it can get?
        Depression is speaking way too loudly in my ear recently.
        We are warriors.
        and you still see beauty.
        all is not lost.

        Don’t worry, I won’t contribute if I can’t.
        I do believe in paying it forward though, so if I can….

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