I dream of a future where pain patients come together and create their own pain clinic. The one pictured in my mind is called Honeysuckle Haven.

DSC08805 (2)

Since it will be totally self-sufficient, health insurance will not be required for admittance.

DSC08805 (4)

Honeysuckle Haven is not like the Mayo Clinic’s Pain Rehabilitation Center — housed in a building made of concrete and steel, with doctors and tests to monitor your every move — or any other pain programs that currently exist.

DSC02306 (4)

And in my future, the drug war will be over, so the Haven will offer all available treatment options.

DSC09700 (2)

It will be a sprawling commune, nestled in fields of honeysuckle and bluebonnets, with large trees standing guard nearby. (The land will be a gift from the federal government as reparation for its cruel torture of pain patients in the opioid war, and in memory of those who didn’t survive.)

DSC08883 (3)

Each building will offer different treatments, like water therapy and massage. There will be a building for patients who want to fight their pain with vitamins, a farm for those who are currently choosing cannabis, and patches of land for garden therapy.

DSC09943 (4)

There will be a building where all sound is cushioned, and another one where patients celebrate loud music. There will be a building for those who like to pray, and bakery therapy for those who like to eat.

DSC09699 (2)

There will be grief counseling (and comedy therapy) for all.

DSC02340 (2)

DSC09944 (2)

Patients will move at their own pace, not dictated by schedules and appointments with professionals.


DSC08752.0 (2)

I also picture a building where the mastery of pain management is taught. Newly-defined experts will come from all over the world to share experiences and discuss the many different issues surrounding pain and the brain.

DSC09689 (3)

Patients will come and go; some staying for a day or two, and some for the rest of their lives. But everyone will be treated equally at Honeysuckle Haven (where eviction is against the law).

DSC01059 (2)

DSC09669 (2)

Thanks for sharing my dream with me, and have a nice weekend. 🙂

22 thoughts on “Honeysuckle Haven

  1. Sounds like a great dream/idea…. I would so be there for water therapy and massage and the loud musik and working in the garden hell all of it and I prob would stay lol…
    Oh the vitamins for sure that brings me to that BITCH so called Dr I had asked her about IV vitamins and she doesn’t believe in it and then proceeded to say “well the insurance you have would probably not pay for it” also said ” usually only private insurance or private pay gets that option”…..Thanks a lot for the free or not so free put downs doc

    Anyways gurl like I said I would love if such a place was real… I am sick of taking any/all of my medications. I have been on and off many of times and everything I have tried for pain “that I am allowed to take” Lets just say I am still in bad pain that effects me everyday and what I can and can not do… I know you understand that gurl…
    Hugggggs to you my dear one

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    • Stay tuned… I’m creating a pill made out of honeysuckle and bluebonnets. And then I’m going to hire Donald Trump to do a TV commercial for the new blue pill. 🙂

      (Warning: Side effects of the new blue pill include baldness and orange skin.)

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      • Oh gurl I can not wait to try that pill out..it has to be better than what I take lol… I can hook you up with bluebonnets lol… have to do that in the dark so I DO NOT END UP IN JAIL lol…
        Well then idk now if I want to take it, it kinda sounds like I will end up looking like Donald Trump 😉 well he is not bald I guess comb over lol but has orange skin…maybe you try making a different pill or change somethings so we can have better side effects

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      • Hey gurl!!… I wanted to say that I believe that you can suck on honeysuckle I think I heard that from my mom that she used to do it when she was a kid…..I will ask dad when he wakes if he remembers this..
        would not want you to get sick or fucking die on me lol…
        how is you Valentin’s Day going? did you do anything special ?

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        • For Valentine’s Day, I cleaned my laptop, the result of which was a damaged screen… Because I cleaned the screen before searching the internet for the right way to do it. Good thing I can still see what’s on my screen. 🙂

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        • Oh Lord gurl… what am I going to do with you??? What did you do submerge it in water ; ) I have used wipes to clean my screen lightly lol…I so need a laptop 😦 one of these days…
          UMMMMM you did not look up the way to clean it first lol.. you crack me up gurl…
          Well like you said at least you can still see the screen lol…
          OK Since you seem to be having a round of unbelievable bad luck word to the wise DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING OR GO ANYWHERE …..lol
          And speaking of cleaning my computer omg I do not know where to start on my desk… being sick and it is out of hand and I have to many thing going at once yuppers scatter brain for sure…

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          That made me chuckle, dude. But maybe it would just be better if I bought some invisibility paint on Amazon. That way, nothing I touch can turn to shit. 🙂


        • Well I am glad that I could make you laugh gurl.. :)-
          I do understand getting those amazing pants fuck I could use them too lol.. I know that I am sick of this so called long azz run of bad luck it seems every time we turn around it’s something else . Or something that should take 5 minutes take 5 months… IN FACT I AM PAST THIS SHIT!!!… But keep saying things will/are going to get better and do what I do best I hang in there…And you do the same you hang in there too my dear……
          Suzy Q

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  2. Sounds like a great dream.. Just how do you get it to be a reality? England is no better than the USA, with palliative care.. The amounts of horrid codeine based or morphine based things out there that make you feel for terrible.. And the plant based medicines that they could give you, but want it to be laboratory controlled.. Sucking out the essence of the plant/s and making them a chemical hybrid!

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  3. At this time I would so be there in the loud musik room…as I am up with my musik and pain and to know mr sheldon would come too and you too we could have some fun…
    yes we would never leave….
    if only such a place….

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      • OH GURL YOU KNOW YOU SMART!!! FOR REALS….AS I used to say …you have to mind fuck your mind sometimes to get through the times…
        but true the mind is an amazing gray matter squeeze thing..that maybe some how trick it into thinking hey we are ok ..nothing hurts…i am not depressed all this… I like this gurl… : )

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        • Imagination is one thing — fantasy is another. And fantasies (like religion) can be dangerous. Although I don’t suffer from depression, I do get awfully sad a lot. Nothing wrong with that. Sadness is just as important as happiness. 🙂

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        • you are so right gurl they are two different things and they can be deadly…No nothing wrong with getting sad it’s just like you said about being happy ..just the opposite we have our good days and bad..it’s just hard when you can’t get out of that dark place with depression I have been there and it sux most of the time I can handle a lot and get through it but times oh boy…

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        • I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced the depths of depression that those who suffer from it must go through, so I can only admire from afar the strength it must take to manage your struggles. Puff, puff, pass, dude. 🙂

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        • I have been there it’s not fun..but with good friends and drs you can make it I am just talking about what I wen through ..not everyone makes it ..So many have and had it worse then I did and do…My heart goes out to all that suffer depression the ones that have no where to turn to for help and the ones that are afraid to get help you know the label they put on ya azz..not good …
          Thank you gurl…I try hard everyday to have a real smile and look forward to each day..
          puff,puff,pass …one puff and I BE HIGH LOL….

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        • Well gurl ..
          I think that I am going to try to lay down as long as I can…This should be fun ..If I can’t sleep I will check and see if you awake and see if it’s time for wake n bake…lol….
          I started to have a lil flare the other night usually tell since it starts when I can’t sleep but staying up makes it worse so I will try to rest and if I fall asleep woohoo if not I will start cofffeeeee lol nah only depends on the time…
          so off I go…..
          YOU NEED REST TOO…lol…ok speak soon my dear gurl….

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