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(1/20/2016) Maryland Police Shoot Christine Lucas After Woman Points Airsoft Gun At Troopers In Suicide Plan

A Cecil County Maryland woman, 45-year-old Christine Lucas, was shot to death by Maryland state troopers early this morning after she made a report of an intruder in her home sometime before 2 a.m., according to Fox Baltimore. When the troopers arrived, they found Lucas brandishing what they thought was a real gun, but which turned out to be an Airsoft gun, which resulted in her tragic death.

A suicide note with an “explanation for her actions” was said to be found in the house after a warrant was later obtained by police…  Perhaps exacerbating the situation, Lucas was reported to have stopped taking prescription medication in the preceding weeks, the family was suffering from financial problems, and the home had been without electricity for as long as four months…

Lucas’ 15-year-old son was reported to have been asleep in his room upstairs when his mother’s encounter with the police took place. The boy stated that, earlier in the night, his mother had prepared a bag with his clothes and told him to stay upstairs…



Baltimore, MD – CVS Pharmacy, Inc. (CVS) has agreed to pay $8 million to the United States to resolve allegations that its Maryland pharmacies violated the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) by dispensing controlled substances pursuant to prescriptions that were not issued for a legitimate medical purpose…

According to the settlement agreement, CVS acknowledged that between 2008 and 2012 certain CVS pharmacy stores in Maryland dispensed controlled substances, including oxycodone, fentanyl and hydrocodone, in a manner not fully consistent with their compliance obligations under the CSA and related regulations…  This settlement caps off an investigation that began as part of the DEA’s crackdown on prescription drug abuse in Maryland…

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