How can you tell the difference between weeds and flowers? Who gets to decide which plant is a flower and which is an irritating (or dangerous) weed?

Am I a flower or a weed?

This blooming weed comes in different colors, like pink:


02DSC01213 (2)

And red:

03DSC01313 (4)

04DSCF7821.0 (2)


And in the winter time, brown:

06DSC00254 (3)

07DSC00254 (4)

Some of these photos were taken with my old camera (with less pixelage or pixels or whatever), so they’re not as sharp:


09DSCF7821 (2)

11DSCF3661 (2)

Do you miss bug week? πŸ™‚

12DSCF3663 (2)

Check out these freaking bugs:

14DSCF3662 (3)

Dude, that’s some serious nature goin’ on right there:

15DSCF3663 (4)

Do these look like balls to you?

13DSC09269 (4)

16DSCF4604 (3)

No, I don’t know the name of these weeds, so don’t ask.

17DSC01214 (2)

Bam! I changed the size of the photos, just to show you how much sharper they are.

18DSC00261 (4).moreballs

19DSC00261 (2)

You lookin’ at me with that attitude? Why would you mess withΒ a bud (or ball) with horns?

20DSC00256 (2)

And we’re back to the 2014 photos:

21DSCF7829.0 (2)

22DSCF7825 (3)

DSCF7825 (2)

I like art therapy. No, it’s not as good as bud, but it’s a lot cheaper. (Like free.) I know some people put their names on their photos and maybe even hope to sell them. That’s fine, but nature is free, so I think my photos should be free too — for anyone to copy and use, if they so choose.

This is not only about art therapy, but wanting to share the beauty of nature (and the quirkiness of my surroundings) with everyone. You know, stop and smell the roses, and all that. In other words, I hope my art therapy is also art therapy for whomever takes the time to view it. Gracias. πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Weeds or Flowers?

    • A very scientific test, but one that probably prematurely kills many a flower (and weed). I have fond memories of the cacti I have unintentionally sent to an early grave, but I’m not sure the succulent plant family has forgiven me. However, I’ve performed my part of the contract — I haven’t brought home another plant since the third (or fourth?) cacti passed away.

      I used to laugh when other bud lovers suggested I grow my own to save money. It’s a weed, right? Just throw the seeds in some soil and watch it grow. Anyone can do it. Easy for some to say, but not me. Besides which, what if the buds got infested with bugs (or mold)? Total yuck. I guess there are some restrictions to my love of nature.

      Now, please excuse me, I have to go get rid of my hiccups. When I hiccup, my whole body moves, and I make a sound like… well, I guess it sounds sorta like a pig. A loud pig. Besides being irritating, they’re fairly uncomfortable. πŸ™‚

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