I don’t like feeling this sad and weary. But, it’s times like these that have given me a better understanding of those who suffer from depression (and suicidal thoughts). Seems simple and silly to advise putting one foot in front of the other, but that’s how things get done — one task at a time.

The pain keeps me from moving as fast as I would like to go, but I know it’s important to keep moving. So, I finally took a shower. And I had some colorful fruit for breakfast:

0DSC00647 (2)

After I drowned my grapes, I noticed a few trying to escape from the water:

0DSC00648 (2)

(You can do it, Ms. Grape! Escape! Roll free!)

Then I went and gassed up my car:

0DSC00659.0 (2)

Where I noticed the cottonwood tree, and interesting reflections and shadows, like these:


Next stop, Walmart, for mayonnaise and noodles. Where a kind crow, trying to earn a Boy Scout’s badge, helped me cross the street:


(Actually, it was more like he was running away from me, but that’s beside the point.)

“Don’t forget to look both ways when crossing the street,” Mr. Crow said. “Or when trying to make even more difficult decisions.”

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