7 thoughts on “Aerosol Can Surprisingly Upfront About Giving You Cancer

        • Oh, sista, don’t use that tone with me. 🙂 My Aqua Net stories involve gymnastics and the need for hair that doesn’t move, along with the phenomenon known as Big Texas Hair. I didn’t learn about huffing until I started learning about the drug war. I mean, if that’s what your tone is implying, or is it that you know how very old I am? 😀

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        • Oh gurl friend 😉 Ok I be good lol… Oh so you did gymnastics damn I just needed it to last all day in fun lol…
          Yes the big Texas hair hahha closer to God they say too lol…

          I was just being a smart azz but also was saying that you seem like a smart gurl and would know alot of different information… hell I did not know about huffing till about 20 years ago sad but true.. I did have a friend in jr high that carried around her neck a vial of coke another and more stuck to weed… most think weed is so bad but they keep their kids hooked on rx of adderall and then give them a sleeping pill to put them to sleep … when you ask most dr in that field a question like if I had ( i do not lol) 3 kids all of them would have add or adhd and all said no ( i am talking about another family here) but all their kids are on medications for this and getting a check for each one….I hate it…. and the abuse of the system….anyways sista /gurl friend I was just being smart azz like I said and also knowing that you are a smart gurl you would know…
          Oh my second azzhole in life took ritilan 3 times a day for work he did not have add or adhd .. took it for the high to stay busy at work and he was also in the medical field smart guy but had a regular dr that would give him pretty much what he wanted….if it is a medication if must be fine and ok but lord not nothing that you can grow in the dirt and natural……

          Nope I do not know how old you are wait let me dive into my super powers lol… I am 45 so I told you my age gurl…. heheh….

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        • when is your birthday gurl?? oHHHHH that I am sure of you knowing more than me… that is a fact ….you seem very wise gurl and I enjoy all of our talks on here…
          wait so I can call you a smart azz ahahah joking gurl…

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