7 thoughts on “Too much laughter isn’t good for TMJ

        • I gathered that. It seems almost like breathing over there…at least reflected in the mirror that is TV and the movies.
          We don’t have them often in our family and I think we probably go more for the BBQ sausage, which we call a “snag”. There are hardware stores where groups like scouts hold a BBQ every weekend where you can pick up your sausage sandwich. I’d imagine that would translate into a hotdog stand in the USA.

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        • Sausages and hot dogs are basically the same thing, right? We’ve just Americanized sausages into plain old weiners. Not many hot dog stands around here, but there is a gourmet hot dog place in my local mall. That has to be better than the hot dogs that you see in corner stores, rolling around inside a glass case, which have to be older than… me. 🙂

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        • Our Australian BBQ sausages are legendary for being burnt to a charcoaled crisp. Indeed, when I’ve been with the scout selling sausages, we have actually had requests for burned ones. Funny, ha?!!

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