Get paid to give plasma


Donate Plasma and Get Paid

If you are in need of some extra cash but do not have much spare time, consider making a paid plasma donation. Although the process is a little more complex than that of donating blood, the big advantage is that, unlike with blood, one can make multiple plasma donations a month. For 3-4 hours weekly, you could donate plasma and get paid up to $280 a month, and by doing so, you will also be helping others and potentially saving lives.

Plasma is the liquid component of blood. It is a yellowish color and mainly comprised of water and blood-based proteins… You will be comfortably reclined while a needle is placed into the vein of an arm and blood is collected in sterile equipment. The plasma is then separated from the red blood cells, which are then returned to your arm. The process is fairly painless…

It looks like I’ll be trying this out, so stay tuned for further information.

11 thoughts on “Get paid to give plasma

    • After spending thousands and thousands of dollars to move to this state for its crappy medical cannabis program, I don’t know when I’ll be able to save enough to make another move (which I was hoping would be to another state). I rented this apartment when I also had long term disability benefits, which were terminated last year. And now it appears I’m stuck. But don’t worry, dude, I’m sure I’ll survive…

      Anyway, how hard could it be to give plasma? Needles don’t bother me. 🙂

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