Pembroke psychiatric hospital, owned by Universal Health Services (UHS) as part of Arbour Health Systems in Massachusetts, is under investigation over a patient death in August. Pembroke Hospital has had 7 patient deaths this year (out of 49 statewide) and this is the first to happen at the facility. The other 6 died within 30 days of being discharged—fueling concerns about not only the lack of workability of psychiatric treatment in general but also its propensity to cause death…

CCHR has been investigating complaints from UHS psychiatric facility patients, their families and former UHS mental health staff since 2012. In complaints filed with MA health and law enforcement officials this year, CCHR reported that in 2013, 18 psychiatrists affiliated with 10 UHS facilities in MA billed Medicare more than $2.1 million, of which 6 accounted for $1.19 million. Four UHS-affiliated psychiatrists were among the top ranked state prescribers of several psychotropic drugs, including a psychostimulant and antipsychotic…

Patient deaths have been raised by CCHR to other state authorities, including:

There was wrongful death lawsuit filed 14 March 2012 against Arbour, Walden Behavioral Care and a treating psychiatrist that included allegedly increasing the patient’s psychiatric drug doses and failing to properly treat him in the week before he committed suicide…

A 2012 lawsuit filed against River Oaks in Louisiana alleged a boy was physically restrained by hospital staff and shot up with sedatives while a staff member sat on his chest. He stopped breathing and his lips had turned blue before CPR was used unsuccessfully and the boy was pronounced dead…

CCHR calls on any UHS former employees, patients and families to report any abuses or billing and other concerns to CCHR. Click here to file a report.

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